Do not use your browser's 'back button'(command-[ on NetScape on Mac). Use the hyperlinked buttons. The animation resources are not cached, apparently, and backing out of a set of links causes the reload from the server, delaying the backout process and necessitating a 115K file transfer. This sucks.

The animation pages are threaded so that all animations can be viewed in three sets in any order.

The next screen downloads 117K of graphic material(movies). Seventy seconds on my machine. Your milage may vary. A computer animation of a chemical reaction.

You must have Shockwave installed. Don't say I didn't warn you. Escape

Abandon all hope, all ye who enter you have been warned.

Author's Note# This page was published on October 4th, 1996, so ten years old now. This is from pre-broadband days. Back then if you wanted bandwidth you had to run a T1 line to your house. I know someone who did that. Mucho bucks at the time.