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Asperger Diagnosis by Anthony Attwood Ph.D.

Update: June 27, 2014
Reporters Guide to the Autism Speaks Debacle

Update: December 6, 2011

2011 AASCEND Conference
I contacted Ari by way of his facebook page and submitted the idea that he be the keynote spreaker for the next AASCEND Conference, letting him know that I would fly the idea to the other members of AASCEND's Board of Directors. They were enthusiastic with the idea and with a few more back and forth emails Ari arrived atr SFO at 1130 PM on Thursday October 13, 2011. I took him to Camillas where he stayed while he was in the city for the conference which took place on Saturday October 15 at the Seven Hills Conference Center on SFSU Campus. Since I recruted him I introduced him at the conference for his keynote speach.

Update: February 21, 2010

An interview with Ari Ne'eman of ASAN

Update: February 7, 2010 I was invited to attend a meeting of the Autism Task Force in the office of Califrnia State Senator Mark Leno in the State Building in San Francisco

Update: February 1, 2010

I Am Autism A web site with a collection of articles with a significant proportion bashing the organization Autism Speaks and also lists many autism self determination organizations

Update: December 31, 2009

working now on this
Ari Ne'eman of ASAN writes for the Long Island Autism Examiner and feeds into the website of the San Francisco Examiner
ASAN Picketed an Autism Speaks fundraiser at a concert hall in NYC
Obama expressed his intention to nominate Ari to National Council on Disabilities
I posted my opinions on a public forum Autism

Update: November 29, 2009

Within the last two weeks I published to the web two QuickTime Pro movies. The ideas behind them are 21 and 40 years old respectively

  1. Animation of the complex autocatalytic reaction mechanism I discovered to be operating in the dehydration reaction of alcohols in HMPT I studied for a thesis project for a MS in Chemistry at CSUH
  2. Thinking in Moving Pictures
  3. TIMP via tinyurl
  4. TIMP via tinyurl preview

Update: October 5, 2009

No Autistics Allowed
Ms Michelle Dawson submits to the Supreme Court of Canada arguments to advance the notion that autistics should be allowed participation in discussions about what is the appropriate remedy for what others describe as "The Autistic Crisis" or "The Autism Epidemic"
I found The Auton Case: Application, Opposition, Order to be particularly enlightening in explainng the perspectives and assumptions made by the surrounding community of neurotypicals
This page, The Intervener's Factum should be read side-to-side with The Auton Case page although in some respects it seems to be repeated

Update: September 30, 2009

More back lash for Autism Speaks
GRASP responds to the Autism Speaks Conundrum
The Collective to Fight Neurelitism they link to AASCEND

Update: September 28, 2009

There is enough positive outcome in favor of auts as a result of the efforts of Autism Speaks but there is a long way to go before the balance is positive in their favor. In the mean time I shall post those things as I see fit.
Autism Speaks the Dark Side
United Nations World Autism Day Webcast
Wrong Planet @ UN World Autism Day Webcast

Update: September 22, 2009

Marc Rosen writing for the Long Island Autism Examiner Why autistic people don't like Autism Speaks
I mirror it here

Update: August 25, 2009

DSAC had me make contact with the California Department of Rehabilitation(DOR) and sign up for workability. I called up Richmond DOR, made an intake appointment, went, collected papers and I have now an appointment on Aug. 28 at 9 AM -- I fully expect DOR to be no less clueless than they were the last time I interacted with them. If this is the case I will be going back to CSUEB to ask them just what did they expect

Update: July 7, 2009

I went to Hayward State today and talked to the people in the Disabled Students Assistance Center(DSAC) or whatever it was called. I presented the idea that they were aware of the problem of getting autistics into the workforce and they knew what I was talking about and had heard of Autism Speaks. I told them of the Think Tank in New York City Jan 23rd and 24th, 2009

Update: June 16, 2009

Autism Speaks has me on their email list and I downloaded some pdf files that were the results of a think tank investigation of the situation regarding autism. One of the things mentioned was that they record or project a cost generated by the existence of autism and they are saying $35 billion a year. So I found out that the US population was 306664000 when I looked at it a few days ago and with a ratio of 1 to 150 that becomes 2044426 or roughly 2 million auts. $35 billion and 2 million is about $17500 each per year. $1458 per month. I am not getting my share.

Another part of the report stated that autistics are considered unemployable.
There was a day when it was possible for an employer to put a sign out front that says "No coloreds need apply" 1964 was when that era started to end so the people keep it to theirselves "No wierdos need apply". Unspoken. Unaddressed. Automatic. Along comes the ADA which has some idea that they would like to make employment by autistics more accessible and the corporations hire lawyers to thwart any efforts to get autistics into the workforce. Educate employers about autistics with the intent that it will sometime become possible for auts to have jobs and the employer thinks, Oh so that is what is called those people we automatically exclude and they take the imaginary sign in their heads that says "No weirdos need apply" and scratch out 'wierdos' and replace it with 'autistics' "No autistics need apply". Business as usual

On April 11th at an AASCEND Meeting I took the Macromedia Director Movie of the norbornene reaction with bromine and point my digital camera at the screen and turn it into a youtube video. I need seriously to find some help on turning this into a flash animation so it can go up on the web

Update: December 29, 2008

I took my laptop for a sneak preview at a meeting with a group of friends and was almost thwarted in my attempt to present something by a new security person at Schroeder's on Front Street in San Francisco. Story is in the link

Update: December 5, 2008

Yesterday I animated the reaction coordinate of the norbornene rearrangement using the graphic images in TIMP

Phil Schwarz
Petition to NIH

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