This is my garage. It is just big enough for this bike project.
600 cc Kawasaki Ninja

I was driving down the street one day and spotted this bike for sale and bought it for $500
After owning it for a while I think that its real worth is about $300.
Last week(September 2001) I took the first steps in the project, which was to purchase
a maintenance manual for the bike and have a key cut so that I can work the ignition
and open the lock on the gas tank. A visit to Concord Salvage gave me a ball park figure
of $1400 to get the front forks, front wheel, water radiator and oil cooler.
I realized I wasn't going to be having that kind of money anytime soon

Two years later found out there was a virtual cornucopia of bike parts available on ebay and I started accumulating parts to repair the bike.
This is what the bike used to look like(approximately)
This is what was going on as of March 2004
Garage has gotten better organized