I had found out about Bremmermann's Optimizer by reading the Ph.D. Dissertation of Jamie Milstein, who was working for Melvin Calvin at the time.
I later surmised that the Optimizer was of the kind Monte-Carlo Engine. This turned out to be an error and what it actually is is an annealer.
Calvin had won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry by elucidating the biochemical pathways for the dark cycle of photosynthesis.
World War II had produced the atomic bomb. The research necessary allowed the existence and availability of radio isotopes which researchers such as Calvin could acquire and he did and fed C14 labeled CO2 to plants and then harvested them at time periods and found out what chemicals the carbon had been trapped in.
Calvin analyzed his data and wrote down the biochemical pathway which bears his name, the Calvin Cycle
Twenty seven years or so later Calvin is still taking graduate students and pumping out Ph.D.'s using that same data.
Milstein became a BioPhysicist by taking the Calvin Cycle and producing a set of 17 non-linear differential equations in 22 parameters and proceeded to try to determine those 22 numbers by feeding Calvin's data into the annealer, Bremmermann's Optimizer
It was an example of one equation and two unknowns on a grander scale and Milstein wrote in his dissertation that there wasn't enough data, got his Ph.D. and went off into the sunset.  Dr. Richard E. Bozak, Ph.D. look at this page <!-- http://inresco.org/RichardEBozak.html -->