20100503:0928 hours -=- I had a housemate for a while. We did not get along so he moved out. In the first week he was here he reported that a bike rider approached him telling him he was being watched. When he was ready to move out I tried to get him to report the incident to the police. He would not do it. I contacted the police who kindly explained to me that the First Amendment protected the perps right to say that. One deputy explained that it comes her way too. There are a lot of angry people in the world and I suppose if the police had to choose opening a report on a situation such as this they would have time to prosecute property theft. They do not allow the automated system to update status on my burglary. This is cutback in services which is I think harbinger of a economic collapse.

Predicting Doom has been a popular theme in comics. Who has not seen a drawing of an old man with a flowing beard wearing a robe carrying a sign says "The End Of The World Is Near" There is a wiki article on it: Collapse:_How_Societies_Choose_to_Fail_or_Succeed I have collected a couple of them and their youtube videos.

The first is Dr. Albert Bartlett, Ph.D. Emeritis Profesor of Physics from U Colorado Boulder, Arithmetic Population and Energy. Look for it on the root page.

The second is by some science teacher. He hosts a forum on the subject and about 400 members strong

Another view

I read a report that allowed me to calculate that in the first quarter Jan-March 2010 the government was borrowing $7.8 B/day to keep the system afloat, Then I heard a report that it was up to $11 B/day in the first half of April. I have not fact checked this info so somebody needs to.

20090630:0632 hours -=- I don't tell things to the police as I think it is a waste of my time. They can read the book

20090514:1309 hours -=- Time Precision of the Burglary

20090506:2229 hours -=- My last report I referenced the burglary case number and didn't complete the report due to cell phone reception problems. My conclusion from the incidents that day and the preceeding one alters the nature of the situaton but the report number will cause the report to be rejected as a burglary instead of what appears to be a staulking

20090504:1226 hours -=- The software presents a set of options at the starting page. What if none of the options fits with your circumstances?

20090429:2238 hours -=- This no longer has the flavor of QA scruitiny but of what information stream connects with the police side of things. The cut back in services revealed to me in an out of band communication resonates with the comments made by the person sending the report rejected email.

20090428:1409 hours -=- Coplogic sent email 11 hours after I submitted it stating my report had been rejected as a residential burglary and as such did not rate online reporting. This is unfortunate as the message I was trying to get across was the time precision of the burglary, 9.5 - 11 minutes of opportunity and they are in and out, escaping with a few of my things. After I find out the reports was rejected I notice I don't have a copy of the original. I will when making such reports in the future save a copy locally.
One time when talking to a Deputy he made the statement that the folks who pull these burglaries "Are not the sharpest tools in the shed" I find this a dangerous way of thinking and relies on some assumptions that the Deputy is making which is contradicted by the time precision of the burglary as I tried to report. Underestimate them at your peril.
I spoke with a confidant who watches the news and he tells me these time precision burglaries are the rule.

20090428:0321 hours -=- Submitted additional report detailing the timing of the penetration. Report was lmited to 1000 characters. No comment. Spent 32 minutes starting at 0249 hours. An email was sent @ 0320 stating that a temporary report had been submitted. Email was found not in spam folder. Grade of A

20090427:1030 hours -=- I found in my spam folder the responding email from CoCo stating my report had been approved, time stamp 1603 hours. So I have an ack. 13.5 hours turn around no comment

20090426:1838 hours -=- The window with https protocol allows me to view its source. Fail
The way you see it is you go to the cocosheriff.org and click the 'File Online Reports Here' button

20090426:1353 hours -=- The email had a link for feedback. Six popup menus to select from 6 options from strong disagree to strong agree.
text entry field name='Additional Feedback/Comments (200 characters max):' was clumsy and slow.
I was allowed to view the source for the page. Fail
I erased the content of the field and re entered a short evluation, C and Fail. After submitting the second time the channel closed. B+

20090426:1232 hours -=- The email dated 20090426:0238 said that a report would be sent with in approximately 5 business days. This still looks like a one way channel where my input is authenticated, evaluated and echo'd.
I shall add more detail to the report for the incident which generated this interaction, the burglary, and is a result of my observations and conclusions.
CoCoCounty Sheriff Deputy will henceforth be Deputy for brevity.
I am being told by Deputy that info will be passed on to analyst. I have not yet informed by way of the Online Reporting System the details of the timing of the burglary.

20090426:0929 hours -=- On the third try I overcame my frustrations at trying to get a report through to the software I persisted and completed the report of the theft of the copper cable. Housemate remembered its location and existence.
I thought this was going to be like a UDP packet where theree is no acknowledgement, however they sent email confirming the report which I have not looked at yet.

20090425:1035 hours -=- content being prepared, traps being set to attract the attention of MicroSoft's web crawling bots, will try to get this in google's face as well.

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