Update 20091101:1856 hours -=- google(inresco coincidence random)
I also suspect that these people have hacked into my machine and thus know now everything there is to know about me me being unprepared for such.

3 yards of redwood tree droppings have been cleared and a platform is being built. Two doors from The Terminator lie propped up against two of the redwood trees. Any punk band that plays here can be introduced as <*--=- your band's name -=--*> and The Doors. The platform is now a 19' 8x10 beam sitting on rip rap and railroad ties

The palletized wood was taken and in the context of War Games, Operation Wood Deploy, conducted at the landfill as a military exercise was successful. The Transfer Supervisor caught up with us however and made me erase the camera's memory. I did get to see the movies before erasing them.

A pile of wood lies in the back yard. I have cleared obstacles which prevented the extraction of the wood pile, which has set there for years, I spent my time building solar collectors. Now the solar collector has been evacuated and the woodpile is palletized on the back of the truck

Two fellows drive by in a pickup, I am out front with the chainsaw cutting the hedge. I smile, the fellow riding shotgun smiles and waves back. He has a knit cap with skull and bones. Life is Good at that point in time.

Survival Instinct Inc. (SII)

Crisis produces opportunity

Update 20090413: -=- Hedges in front have been cut to allow visibility, used chain saw. Branches on trees and bushes have been cut back to improve visibility and eliminate cover.

carpet tack strips being sought to nail on inside ledge of fences, need to measure the fence length, took time for pie

update: 20090402:1819 -=- 10 foot high barrier spans 20 feet and closes off easy access path

update: 2090402:1336 -=- razor concertina wire located

all James Ullrey 2009