Returning from Las Vegas I got 49.2 mpg. Going to Las Vegas I got 39.7mpg. How do I do this, driving 45 mph.
High points, crossing Banshee's path.
V& is the name of the group which won the oCTF this year, taking that title 3 of the last four years and garnering a slot in the World Cup of Computer Attack and Defence, the Capture the Flag of DefCon.
Went to a party ay Hackajar's place. Security showed up after a while. A lot of people filed out the door and walked down the hall to the elevators. Evil tried to keep me from going into the up elevator, but thats the way I had to go to get to my room, 21024 in the Rio Tower. The other tower was built with two wings at right angles and a third wing of likely 45 degrees.
Mike had a room where he could get line of sight with only a few walls or ceilings of buildings to pass through to get a connection with two yagi antennas and two packet radio modems. It didn't work and the hotel maid called security upon seeing it. The yagi setup was going to allow space for more team members, the floor restricting to as many people who could fit around the table. Mike ended up talking the the hotel manager about it and I also alerted the head of DefCon security about it. No idea how that turned out.
Winning the oCTF competition means that V& will need to scramble for resources and that means I have an impetus to learn to reverse binaries. It has been on my list of things I want to be able to do since the early 80's. Jasik's MacNosy and its debugger.