I put kechup on myself and waited.

Dr. David Amaral of M.I.N.D. Institute of the UC Davis Medical School is on the Board of Directors of AASCEND, as I am.
Dr. Amaral Gave the Keynote Address at one of the AASCEND Conferences I can locate it when time permits as I have all that has ever been published on the web page

With a Master of Science in Chemistry and a Ph.D. education the job I could get was delivering pizzas
In 14 years I was subjected to two instances of people trying to rob me. The first time the perpetrator had called from a pay phone inside Barrows Hall and ordered a pizza, on the delivery I went to the door and there was someone inside I asked him if he had ordered a pizza he said no, I used my cell phone to call the delivery number, not knowing then it was a pay phone, fellow answering said something I whent back with the pizza box in my hand, before I had had it inside a delivery bag, the same fellow came to the door, opened it up and grabbed the pizza box out of my hand said "Thanks for the pizza" and ran down the steps to the lower floor with me in pursuit. The shape of the hall in the basement was such that at the North end there was a passageway that looped around a 16 x 16 or so mass of the building and the fellow ran around it and back the way we came. So he ran up the steps and out the door I came in. I followed the direction he went and when coming to places where there were choices I followed my instinct and walked right at the first corner and right at the second corner. I had started going North and now I was going South. Strawberry Creek flows there and by the corner of the building there was a path that ran West I took it and walked around the corner to see the perp eating the pizza. As I approached he saw me and went to a fire excape and climbed up. Me taking my time as I wasn't in a hurry. He got to the top and had no place to go I saind "Gimmie ten bucks", the pizza was $11 he said "I don't have it you can strip me" "take off your shoes" I said, he does, I take them back to the pizza parlor and hang them over a conduit in the kitchen. I called the phone company and reported a theft and asked about the phone number and was told it was a payphone inside Barrows Hall.

Dr. David Amaral from the M.I.N.D. Institute, connected to the UC Davis Med School is on the Board of Directors of AASCEND as am I at one of the Conferences he gave a Keynote Address told of monkeys being induced into autisticness by some lab process one monkey was identified as having lost the fear response as well, the unafraid monkey so my particular place on the spectrum is that of having no fear response
I told Amaral this
For example I went skydiving once and noticed the absense of an adrenaline rush.
Finding this out explains a lot of things but the lack of a fear response has in a good number of cases gotten me in trouble as you might imagine.
Another example I found myself ballistic on a motorcycle.
Not terribly related but at the same time I have visions
I solve problems
Write textbook on Quantum Mechanics

I think Black kids are taught that it is OK to mug white people such as old men delivering pizzas

Shit happens. When it does no matter what you were thinking beforehand, you can adjust the story to fit the facts depending on your imagination.
What you tell your gramma about happenstance is maybe different than what you tell some woman who you seek to amuse.