New report says three liberal cities account for half of murder hike

April 21, 2016
9:37 AM MST

Crime scene tape from a recent slaying in Chicago, a city with restrictive gun laws and soaring murder rate
Crime scene tape from a recent slaying in Chicago, a city with restrictive gun laws and soaring murder rate. Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images The Brennan Center for Justice yesterday released the results of a new study that says three major cities - Baltimore, Chicago and Washington, D.C. - are responsible for more than half of last year's national increase in homicide.

WND this morning took things a step farther, noting that "the common denominator" in all three cities "is they're run by Democrats who impose hefty gun controls on the populace." However, Seattle, which has imposed a so-called "gun violence tax" on the sale of firearms and ammunition, and has repeatedly attempted to erode Washington's long-standing preemption law, actually saw a slight decline in murders last year from 2014.

But maybe the report from the Brennan Center, named for the late Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan, Jr, is part of the New York University School of Law, is a warning to Seattle and other liberal cities of what is over the horizon. Seattle reported 24 homicides last year, down from the 26 in 2014.

By contrast last year, Baltimore experienced a whopping 63 percent hike in murders, from 211 in 2014 to 344 in 2015. Washington, D.C. slayings jumped 54.3 percent, from 105 in 2014 to last year's 162. Chicago's murder count went up 13.1 percent, the Brennan report said, from 411 in 2014 to 465 last year.

"Final data confirm that three cities (Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.) account for more than half (244) of the national increase in murders."-Crime in 2015: A Final Analysis

All of these cities have liberal Democrats in charge. The difference with Seattle is that it is the largest city in a state that has a long tradition of gun ownership and more than 530,000 of the approximately 7 million citizens are licensed to carry. King County, in which Seattle is located, has the highest number of concealed pistol licenses in the state, with more than 95,800 CPLs. Of those, roughly 20 percent are held by women, according to data from the state Department of Licensing.

Incidentally, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Seattle all have roughly the same populations. Only in Seattle is it comparatively easy and inexpensive to get a carry license, but those law-abiding citizens aren't responsible for the Jet City slayings anyway. Take the current publicized killing of Emmanuel Gondo back on Feb. 23. A 16-year-old girl has been charged as an adult in that crime, and she is far too young to get a CPL.

Indeed, according to the Seattle Times, Gondo was killed with his own gun and the suspect, Maryanne Marie Atkins, reportedly posed with that pistol on Facebook. The final rub against the kind of gun control Seattle elitists prefer is that the teen got that pistol without a background check.