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Only in California... A Gun Control Bill So Bad Even Gun Grabbers Oppose It

Labeled the harshest gun control bill in the country, California bill AB 1014 would give the police the power to confiscate a privately owned weapon based solely on the testimony of a mental health professional or close family member.

Even after multiple complaints prompted a large overhaul, critics have denounced bill AB 1014. "This bill goes too far," Sean Doherty of California Assn. of Federal Firearms Licensees told a Senate panel. "AB 1014 shreds the right of privacy and right of property that has been jurisprudence for decades."

Directly from the bill itself:

"This bill would allow a search warrant to be issued when the property or things to be seized are a firearm or firearms or ammunition that is in the custody or control of, or is owned or possessed by, a person who is the subject of a gun violence restraining order and who is presently known to have in his or her custody and control or possession, or to own a firearm or firearms or ammunition."

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 2.08.06 PMAccording to the authors of the bill, AB 1014 would help to create de-facto gun restraining orders. The bill would let police officers seize a weapon based solely off the testimony of an immediate family member or health care professional and hold it for up to a year without any due process being extended to the gun owner.

The only merit the accusation needs is for the court "to believe that the subject of the petition poses a significant risk of personal injury to himself, herself, or another by having under his or her custody and control, owning, purchasing, possessing, or receiving a firearm."

The bill is so out of control that even groups like Taxpayers for Improving Public Safety (who normally support drastic gun control measures) said the bill was full of "significant constitutional deficiencies."

The bill has already been passed by the California Senate Public Safety Committee, and is now heading to the legislature for a full vote.