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Armed shoppers help stop shoplifters at Marysville farm and ranch store

by Suzanne Phan/KOMO NewsSunday, December 23rd 2018
Shots Fired at Marysville Shoplifters

MARYSVILLE, Wa - A wild scene unfolded at a Marysville business when two shoppers tried to stop what police describe as two shoplifters. Police say two shoppers fired their guns at a getaway car during a robbery at the store.

The shoplifters were arrested. But the investigation is far from over.

The shooting terrified Monica Medina. She was taking a customer's order at the time at Playa Bonita Mexican Restaurant.

"Like pow pow pow!" said Medina "When I hear it, I go outside in the kitchen."

Brandy Sundin immediately locked her the doors.

"We had two customers and went in the back and locked ourselves in," siad Sundin.

And Davin Tuninga was inside Wagner Jewelers when she heard the commotion.

"It was weird. It was weird. All I heard was 'bang, bang, bang" like that and I saw a gal running to her car," said Tuninga.

Police say two people stole power tools from Coastal Farm and Ranch store on State Avenue late Saturday afternoon. When they got to their car in the parking lot, a shopper tried to confront them and showed them his gun. The accused shoplifters struck that man with their car as they took off, according to police.

That's when two more shoppers carrying guns confronted the thieves. The armed citizens fired several shots, taking out two tires on the getaway car. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

"Good that they did that. But, what if there had been kids around," said Tuninga.

The accused thieves ditched their car a few blocks away. But officers and a K-9 tracked them down. Police say the suspects, both from Everett, now face felony robbery charges.

The two shoppers who fired the shots didn't stick around to talk to officers. Investigators want to talk to those unknown armed bystanders to get their statements.