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Bloomberg's Tour of Lies

In February 2010, Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns began a bus tour across the country. Aimed at supposedly educating Americans to the problem of guns, the tour of lies presents a one-sided view of the issue.

For example, the mobile billboard projects the message that "34 Americans are murdered with guns every day." That statistic ignores, however, the much larger number of times Americans use guns in self-defense. Even anti-gun researchers -- paid by the Clinton administration -- conceded that guns are used 1.5 million times annually for self-defense (or over 4,000 times a day). (1)

The Bloomberg's Tour of Lies started in New York City at Times Square and is now making its way across the country. GOA will follow the tour and set the record straight at every stop along the way.

As the "Tour of Lies" Rolls On ...

Bloomberg champions anti-gun sheriff who denied carry permits for mere traffic fines.

Gun Owners of America is following the Bloomberg Tour of Lies across the country and blowing the cover off misstatements the "tour guides" are posting on the Internet. The Tour is named after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who wants to impose radical restrictions upon Second Amendment rights.
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Steady Decline in Major Crime Baffles Experts

Editor's Note: The New York Times reports that crime is decreasing throughout the country, except in New York City where the rates continue to rise. Hmm, maybe Mayor Michael Bloomberg should spend more time in his own city fixing his problems at home, rather than traveling around the country calling for more gun control -- which doesn't seem to be containing crime in the Big Apple.
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