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Dan Bongino on Gun Control Laws
January 31, 2014

Although I am aware that many holding opposing views on the topic will dismiss this, I implore you to read and consider it.

The ideological argument for more restrictive firearms laws is not one based in fact. I spent most of my adult working-life in law enforcement and am consistently surprised how many people believe that "gun-control" laws reduce violent crime despite any evidence whatsoever.

The troubling irony is that exhaustive studies done by both the Dept. of Justice and Harvard University have clearly shown that these laws correlate with INCREASES, not decreases, in violent crime. While the government can never promise you safer streets based on the passage of these laws, they absolutely can promise you will be a victim if you are ever confronted by someone intent on doing you harm.

I passionately argue for the right to self-protection because I can confidently make a promise that the government cannot; if you exercise your right to responsibly own a firearm, you will at least have a chance against a violent criminal.

Friends, I live in a deep-blue state and I assure you it would only benefit me politically to take the opposing view but I refuse to mislead you and continue to write on this topic not because I love firearms but because I love my two daughters. As a former police officer and federal agent, I am sadly familiar with the devastating results of violent crime. They are images you never forget. The mere thought of someone special to me being a victim of a violent crime with no means of self-defense is too much to bear.

Remember, criminals intent on creating chaos and violence will never obey the law and the only question we should be asking ourselves is "Why aren't we allowed to defend ourselves against them?"

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