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Death on the Border

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Fast and Furious
Brian Terry

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Brian Terry US Border Patrol
Rick Oltman  SF Immigration Examiner

December 14, 2013

Brian Terry, BORTAC agent and former Marine, was killed three years ago today by illegal alien drug smugglers inside our country, miles north of the Mexican border.

Terry was killed in a botched operation, with politically correct rules of engagement in a remote and very dangerous place north of the Mexican border called Peck Canyon in southern Arizona.

He was killed with a Fast and Furious gun, an AK-47 that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) had purposely smuggled into Mexico, purposely into the hands of Mexican cartels.

To date, no investigation into his killing and its connection to Fast and Furious has been made public. No one has been held accountable for the weapon used in his death, or for the operation that was so goddamned stupid that whoever thought it up should be, not only in jail but, in a padded cell.

Wednesday, December 15th I started my day by opening up my email and saw that I had an email from a friend of mine, the former Chief Patrol Agent of the Border Patrol, Bill King, "Border Patrol agent killed." I opened it to the details. Brian Terry, a member of the elite BORTAC unit of the US Border Patrol was killed in a place called Peck Canyon, south of Tucson, north of Nogales.

The details of this fiasco are recounted below. The main point here is that everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY in the Border Patrol and ATF knew in very short order that a Fast and Furious gun was used in his killing. In my contacts of ranchers, retired Border Patrol officers, Supervisors and others I spoke with an agent the afternoon following Terry's killing who told me he was shot with, " of those guns that was smuggled into Mexico by the ATF."

This agent wasn't a supervisor, he wasn't in Peck Canyon, he wasn't part of the operation. He knew within hours of the killing that at least one of the rifles recovered at the scene of the botched ambush was a Fast and Furious gun. Ergo, everybody knew, from Peck Canyon to Eric Holder's office.

And, no one has been held accountable.

From the first year anniversary:

December 14th is the one year anniversary of the killing of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. A U.S. Marine and BORTAC agent, Terry was killed in a shoot out in Peck Canyon just north of Nogales, AZ with known border bandits that had been under observation by the Border Patrol for months.

Inexplicably Terry and another agent were armed with non-lethal bean bag rounds, while the illegal aliens were armed by the U.S. Justice Department.

At least two AK-47 rifles, possibly a third, recovered at the site of the deadly shootout were guns from the now infamous Operation Fast and Furious sponsored by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, ATF, the same government agency that brought us Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidians.

In what was believed by many of us at the time of its disclosure, and subsequently verified by Justice Department emails, Fast and Furious was a program whose ultimate goal was to provide "ammunition" (if you will) for the federal government to restrict our 2nd Amendment gun rights.

Mexican government spokesmen were blaming our 2nd Amendment for arming the the narco-warriors and creating mayhem between the different drug trafficking organizations, DTOs, and the Mexican government (which is also a DTO). Since the Mexican government wouldn't provide but a small percentage of the serial numbers of the guns they claimed came from the United States, the Obama Administration and Eric Holder came up with the idea of letting thousands of guns purchased at gun stores in border states to walk into criminal hands in Mexico, giving the corrupt Mexican government the serial numbers to provide to the corrupt American government who would then use those serial numbers to justify comments by the corrupt President Obama and corrupt Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and every other anti-gun liar in the world, including the corrupt United Nations.

Interestingly, neither ABC News nor NBC News has covered the story in the year since the Terry killing. There have been a few congressional hearings on it, too. Hmm.

FOX News and CBS News, the other two major news organizations in the country, have provided thorough coverage of this international outrage.

The first report of the bean bag story was published here on December 15th last year. The idea that law enforcement would be armed with non-lethal weapons in one of the most dangerous places along our border seemed unbelievable to me. I was warned by my contacts, many retired Border Patrol supervisors, that they didn't believe it, that it didn't sound right, to be careful and not embarrass myself. I got four independent confirmations of the bean bag rounds before I published the story.

And, while trying to confirm the bean bags I was told about 16 hours after the Terry killing that one of the guns recovered at the scene in Peck Canyon was, " of those guns that was smuggled into Mexico by the ATF."

"What...smuggled....what...what are you talking about...rogue ATF agents?" I stammered. It did not compute. I only found out later what it was that I had been told. It seemed as unbelievable as arming Border Patrol agents with bean bag rounds for an night operation against violent drug thugs.

The person who told me worked at the agent level and was not in Peck Canyon that night proving that the knowledge of the source of the weapon (an AK-47) went beyond the supervisor level very quickly, which is not surprising considering how the talk between fellow agents about a killed comrade would spread throughout the ranks.

I was also told that at a Swing Shift muster at the Naco Border Patrol Station the agents were advised that if anybody talked about the Terry killing they would be, "... shot."

The Sipsey Street Irregulars and Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea have been developing and following up their own leads and have provided FOX and CBS with information that has been reported. Good work by all.

And now comes, in a perfect response by the corrupt Obama Administration, the announcement that the National Guard presence on the border will be reduced and an unmanned border crossing will be installed in one of the most remote areas on the Texas-Mexico border in an area known to be a High Intensity Drug Trafficing Area. More on this later.

Oh, one more thing. Even though the Mexican government has blamed our 2nd Amendment for their problems in the past, they have said surprisingly little about Fast and Furious.

Think about it. An international border has been been breached by a U.S. government agency providing deadly firepower to narco-terrorists who have slaughtered civilians, Mexican police and each other in some of the most horrific violence on the planet and the Mexican government has not engaged in their usual high pitched whining about Fast and Furious, and haven't called for accountability by Holder or anyone.

Why not? This is not their usual behavior.

The Mexican government whines about the U.S. at the drop of a sombrero. In the past when they found out that we had armed DEA agents in their country they demanded to know who they were. The Mexican government captured, tortured and murdered one of our DEA agents in 1985, Kiki Camerena (like Brian Terry, also a Marine) because Camerena had found the biggest marijuana farm in Mexico.

The Mexican government appears to be in on the conspiracy with the American government to subvert our Constitutional gun rights.

The original story on the bean bags from last year is below. I called for a congressional investigation on Terry's killing and we have not had it. I understand two congressmen quietly traveled to the Nogales Sector and Peck Canyon, but nothing was reported on it.

NONE of the Republican presidential candidates has visited the border area since they began campaigning. Bachmann was scheduled to, but only got as far as Phoenix.

The Iowa Caucuses are in three weeks. DEMAND to know what these candidates intend to do about securing our border. Keep the talk about illegal immigration alive.


From December 15, 2010
We need a congressional investigation into the killing of BP Agent Brian Terry

It was inevitable, we have another casualty in the ongoing U.S.-Mexican Border War.

U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry, 40, a Marine Corps veteran and former police officer, was shot and killed north of Nogales, AZ the night of December 14.

"A statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Terry was shot and killed after encountering a group of suspects in the area."

Three suspects are reportedly in custody, a fourth in the hospital and the fifth is being pursued.

Information, official and off the record, will trickle in over the next few days.

But one thing we can say for certain is that this area has been abandoned by the U.S. Government to the Mexican cartels.

Almost exactly 12 months ago, December 27, 2009, a Border Patrol agent was shot in the same area. I have been told that after that shooting the BP supervisors declared the area "too dangerous to patrol" and only BORTAC, the Border Patrol's SWAT team, goes into the area. Terry was a Marine; of course he joined BORTAC.

Tactically, the Border Patrol supervisors abandoned the area.

Strategically, that abandonment created a corridor that was exploited by smuggling cartels.

Watch the game camera video on the left that has been provided by the Concerned Citizens and SBI. The images are from early 2010 from an area 10 miles North of where Agent Terry was killed.

Some U.S. Border Patrol agents in that sector spent their own money purchasing game cameras and placed them in the area west of Rio Rico and have given pictures of the smugglers to their supervisors who have been aware of the heavily armed drug traffickers for months.

These agents' personal initiative has provided information about, at least, two groups of criminals operating in the area who are ripping off drug mules, robbing illegal aliens and raping the women.

The result of this excellent Intel? The agents were told by supervisors to pick up the cameras and not to be circulating any more pictures of the illegal traffic. After all, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has declared the area safe.

The Nogales station has had no regular station chief for some time. A new agent-in-charge arrives about every 90 days. The message to the troops is to back off on the enforcement to reduce the apprehensions to make it appear that the area is safe and secure.

Black humor is an obvious result of frustrated agents. The unofficial motto of the Naco Station, where slain agent Terry worked, is "Destined for Failure." Some other popular slogans: "They don't want top agents, just slugs." And, "We will not tolerate common sense in the U.S. Border Patrol."

We expect casualties in law enforcement. The loss of any officer is regrettable, but the loss of brave young men and women to stupidity, bureaucratic incompetence or corruption is outrageous.

Maybe the killing of Agent Terry will have the effect that the murder of rancher Rob Krentz had, it will result in enforcement. It won't bring him back, but maybe other agents, and citizens, will be spared as a result of increased enforcement.

To U.S. Marine/Police Officer/U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry, a posthumous thank you for your service to our country.

I am calling for a Congressional investigation into this killing and the overall deployment of Border Patrol agents on the border, which at this point seems to be deployment designed to fail.