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Barbara Boxer: Gun Laws Work... Just Look at California

Seriously. With a straight face, she said it. 12.3.2015 News Trey Sanchez 91

A day after California suffered a terrorist attack that killed 14 people and wounded at least as many, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) uttered one of the most ludicrous things that has ever passed a politicians lips.

See for yourself:

(Ed: see original link to hear the 4 second sound bite

"Sensible gun laws work," Boxer said. "We've proven it in California. And we're not going to give up."

According to The Blaze, a spokesperson made an attempt to clarify her remark by saying she doesn't think the current state laws are enough and wants "national laws."

The Blaze also notes that the long-time California senator spoke on the Senate floor on Thursday issuing a plea for more gun control laws and said she hasn't heard a "persuasive argument" yet as to why anyone would need a high-powered rifle.

"These weapons of war," Boxer said. "They just don't belong on our streets and in our communities."

Not that California has that problem. Right, Mrs. Boxer?