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New Study on How Concealed Carry Permits Affect Murder Rates Deserves a Victory Dance From the Right


One of the main arguments for stricter gun control is that fewer people carrying around guns will lead to fewer incidents of gun violence.

However, a recent study demonstrates just the opposite and actually supports the case that more guns lead to less violence. From Fox News:

Furthermore, states with laws making it easier and cheaper to obtain a concealed weapons permit tend to have more people apply for the permits and, in turn, lower crime rates.

For example, in states like South Dakota, where a permit costs $10 and a high percentage of adults own them, crime rates are consistently low.

Contrast that with Illinois, where concealed weapons permits are too costly ($600 in training and fees) for many people, and you can plainly see the correlation between the permits and crime; Chicago just wrapped up a violent holiday weekend where more than 80 people were shot.

It's time to stop assuming that banning guns from law-abiding citizens is the best way to lower gun violence. As the data shows, a criminal is much less likely to shoot when they have reason to worry they'll be shot back.