Chicago Cheats

Chi-town Cheats
C.D. Michel
May 9, 2014

Who would have thought that Chicago politicians would lie?
Turns out, just about everybody.

Lying is a political affliction which we grudgingly accept as common place reality. But when people die from political lies, we should not look away. That's what's happening in Chicago, where gun controlling politicians are deliberately distorting crime statistics to make it look like their gun control platform is working, when in fact it's failing miserably.

Chicago has rightly been labeled America's Murder Capital. Crime is a big issue in Chicago. So politicians and politically savvy police executives (not street cops however) are anxious to show that they can slow the blood being spilled. To do that, the Mayor - Rahm Emanuel, former Obama Chief of Staff - recruited a Top Cop who logged tours of duty in such dangerous places as New York and Newark.

They then acted as if they were serious about reducing Chicago crime. But it seems they weren't. They were only serious about making it look that way.

What We Know About Chicago

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Aside from being a city rich with past and present gangster activity (some outside of City Hall) we know that Chicago almost tops the charts for big city homicides (Philly is the 2012 champ with a 16% higher hit rate - Chicago had more total homicides, but with a larger population they had a lower overall homicide rate). Compared with other big cities with over a million inhabitants (excluding Philadelphia, which is a tragic outlier) we see two items of interest in Chicago; First, Chicago always has a much higher homicide rate than places like Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Las Vegas, New York, San Diego and even dirty old Los Angeles.

Second, whereas the nation and other large cities have been reducing violence in the last few years, Chicago has stayed just as dangerous - and even climbed a bit in 2012 (the year of the last official FBI Uniform Crime Statistics tally).

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Numbers Do Lie

In truth, the FBI uniform crime statistics are not uniform. To avoid scorn and decreased tourism, certain cities have historically elected to not report bad numbers in especially desperate years (Baltimore, in anti-gun Maryland, is my favorite example). Not surprisingly, for decades Chicago has also not contributed its true numbers to our national understanding of overall violent crime. Instead, it devised its own non-standard measurements for rape and other criminal violence to skew the statistics. Despite well documented measurement methods and money for categorizing crime correctly, Chicago fudges the facts.

And now they are doing it even more aggressively so to cover their political asses.