Message to CSVG:

I would like to inform you of what is happening in California, after informing you of how the rest of the states have acted in the area of carrying concealed weapons(CCW). In any particular state CCW laws are of the following type. Citizens not allowed CCW(Illinois), citizens allowed may issue, citizens allowed shall issue and unrestricted.

Wikipedia has an animated map showing with colors the state of the laws starting in 1986 and continuing through 2011. The historical trend is for the laws in a particular state to change towards allowed from prohibited, from may issue to shall issue. There are four states now, Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming and Vermont where there are no restrictions. California, where I live, is a may issue state. That means that if I apply for a ccw license the sheriff has the yes or no say so. In a shall issue state an applicant upon satisfying a set of conditions the agency must issue the permit.

Recently Dave Clark crafted a ballot measure to be placed before the voters to have California changed to a shall issue state. They collected about half a million signatures in a couple of weeks.

I see where you have 5392 likes on facebook as of June 18, 2012. As of the same date the NRA has 1491521 likes on facebook and on June 15 had 1484670 likes, the difference being greater than your total likes and accumulated that much in 3 days.