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Connecticut is in Full Fascist Repression Mode

Connecticut is in Full Fascist Repression Mode
By Onan Coca / 28 February 2014

Liberals often like to speak about the repression exhibited by Republican positions on social issues and the like. But the reality is that the Democrats are the real danger to our freedoms, and it's about time liberals recognize that. If their politicians are willing to act like the Bill of Rights and the Constitution mean nothing, then how secure can they really be that they won't attack the rights they care about when they are done with us?

Here's evidence of what Democrats do to our Rights. The people of Connecticut have elected one of the more liberal governments in the country, and recently their state has decided to go full throttle towards fascism and away from our Constitutional principles.

The people of Connecticut who were late turning in their gun registration paperwork will have to turn in, destroy, sell or leave the state with their firearm -- or face the full weight of the law.

Those who fail to do so could face serious criminal penalties. Once people realize they can't keep the guns and magazines, they're going to get rid of them, Michael P. Lawlor, the undersecretary for criminal justice policy and planning to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, says.

This is purely and simply gun confiscation. The people of Connecticut have lost their right to bear arms without the interference of the government.

What has happened to America where her citizens will voluntarily turn over their rights to the government?

Even worse -- the news media, who should be fighting to maintain our freedoms, has gone in to full state media mode. Just read what Connecticut's largest and most important newspaper recently wrote about violators of the new anti-gun law.

Although willful noncompliance with the law is doubtless a major issue, it's possible that many gun owners are unaware of their obligation to register military-style assault weapons and would do so if given another chance.

But the bottom line is that the state must try to enforce the law. Authorities should use the background check database as a way to find assault weapon purchasers who might not have registered those guns in compliance with the new law.

The very reason people were afraid of gun registration is what the newspaper now supports using to ensure that the laws aren't being broken. This is why 2nd Amendment supporters make stands against gun registration -- because it gives the state the power to control us if they ever decide they need to ... and now the Connecticut media has made that decision for the government. It's disgusting.

Wake up America. This is the liberal anti-freedom agenda and it is coming for us all.


  1. I know I have liberals and Democrats on my subscriber list. Whenever I send out a blog that exposes the people who are actively working to steal your gun rights and will outright lie to the media about guns to further their gun grabbing agenda and will sell your freedom for a political dime (I'm referring to the liars, whores and thieves in our government) they are ALWAYS Liberals and Democrats. So please, do not send me an e-mail telling me how you are offended because you are a gun owning Democrat who supports the Second Amendment or you are a Liberal who believes in the right to own firearms, because it is YOUR support of the Liars, Whores and Thieves that keeps them in office so they can continue their attacks on our freedom. Instead of writing me, WRITE THEM and tell them to keep their hands off our guns or you will vote for GUN FREEDOM in the next election.
  2. We know that Connecticut's law will not stop or reduce violent crime. In fact we know, through historical and statistical proof, that when responsible citizens are disarmed, it shifts the balance of power into the hands of criminals on the street and tyrants in the government, thus causing an increase in violent crime and government abuse. (see my previous blogs on these subjects for that proof)
  3. When a law is not followed by 85% of the people the law was designed to control, IT IS A BAD LAW. Legislators fail to understand their true position. Somehow their minds get corrupted once in office and they think that they we elected them to GOVERN us. Quite the contrary. We elected them to REPRESENT us. And if they pass a law that we don't like, which 85% of us refuse to follow, then we are telling them through civil disobedience, that they passed a bad law, a law that should be immediately repealed, not enforced. We have the power as long as we are willing to use it.
  4. Want to get a perspective on this at the Federal level? Check out the message in this picture... When more people are applying for a gun license than the "free" healthcare they were promised, the message from the people to the government is very clear. They want their guns and they don't want government messing with their healthcare or telling them what to do.
  5. Watch tomorrow's blog for an interesting wrench placed in Connecticut's plans for gun registration and confiscation.