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Breaking: Connecticut politicians warned over gun laws

Breaking: Connecticut politicians warned over gun laws

Millions of gun owners across the country have been training to defend their liberties.
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Anthony Martin Conservative Examiner
Millions of gun owners across the country have been training to defend their liberties.

March 30, 2014 Politicians in Connecticut and other states that have either threatened to approve or have already passed new restrictive gun laws have received a fair warning from gun rights activists.

Perhaps the sentiments of gun owners are best expressed by T.L. Davis, who stated,

Those in possession of firearms are not asking the several governments if it is legal for them to have such weapons, they are telling these governments that they are legal and any attempt to confiscate them will be forcefully resisted. Upon what does Davis base his declaration that the firearms possessed by citizens are legal no matter what the federal or state governments say? The answer is simple. The Constitution that created this nation of freedom says that firearms possession is an unalienable right. How do we know that? Because it is the second of the citizens' rights specifically protected by the Constitution in the Bill of Rights, second only to the First Amendment right to free speech, free assembly, free press, and free religious expression.

The Founding Fathers said that these rights cannot be negated by the laws of men. If they try, then they are automatically showing they are dangerous and tyrannical, and they will not hesitate to remove every God given liberty this country has enjoyed for over 200 years.

Davis continues:

This is a conflict that supporters of Constitutional rights across the nation are watching with great interest, because it affects every citizen of every state. If Connecticut officials think they are only going to be dealing with citizens of their own state, they are mistaken. Everyone has a stake in Constitutional rights. And that means that if Connecticut continues down the present path it is going to run into an oncoming freight train of citizens who are not only livid that their fellow citizens are suffering from the removal of protections given to their gun rights but many other rights as well, including issues such as Fourth Amendment rights, the First Amendment right to freedom of religion (directly attacked by Obamacare, the public schools, etc.), and a host of others.

Liberty watchdogs all across the country are watching Connecticut by the thousands. If the current trend continues in the state to treat these protected citizen rights as disposable at will, then human rights activists from all over the country will be ready to take a trip to Connecticut to fight for their fellow citizens who have been placed under the heavy hand of government tyranny.

Thus, as Davis so aptly asserts, it won't be just the gun rights activists who will descend on Connecticut. You can count on citizens who have an emotional investment in a myriad of Constitutional rights to join them in invading the state house of Connecticut to demand that the Constitution be followed.

But Davis goes much further to drive his point home. The following passage from his treatise lays out the stark, gripping truth of what is coming if government does not back off its present course:

The police departments, legislators and governors appear to be under the misconception that they, or the courts are in charge of deciding what rights the people have. The truth is much more stark: the people decide that by deciding which rights they will defend with their lives. Once blood is shed by the government, that decision comes much easier to make. The governments can come to grips with that in their own time, or they can push the issue and find out what little power they actually possess.

They have not thought it through. Like most government agencies they are too accustomed to handing down orders and people scrambling to comply, because no one wants to go to jail. But, there is a point where society has been so devastated by this approach that every new order will be enforced at the cost of lives.

That realization is coming to the forefront in Connecticut, but it is a realization that will be coming to many other government agencies in the next few months as each state takes a swing at oppression. Nobody wants to go to jail, for sure. But at least for the time being, citizens are conducting what some are calling "the Stealth war" with its five planks -- Defy, Resist, Evade, Smuggle, Sabotage. This will enable most people to avoid arrest and jail, and avoid harming innocent civilians to boot.

There are some signs that a few anti-gun states are listening to these warnings. Rhode Island, for example, made a significant change in its legislature by electing a gun rights activist to be Speaker of the House in its General Assembly. He immediately appointed two other gun rights activist to the Judiciary Committee where they can prevent anti-gun laws from making to the floor for a vote.

This is a perfect example of political prudence in action. Anyone who is not an extremist in New England can clearly see that their state governments are engaging in draconian overreach and that Americans all across the country are appalled by what they have done. But Rhode Island, at least, showed that cooler heads can prevail and made sure that there are level-headed people in place to prevent the extremists from going on a liberty-robbing spree in the legislature.

But if Connecticut, New York, and Maryland fail to follow Rhode Island's example, then a scenario is developing that will pit angry citizens against government perhaps as never before witnessed in this country, with the exception of the Civil War.

In this case, however, it won't be north vs. south, black vs. white, or any of the typical divisions America has experienced. Gun rights activists, along with liberty activists in general, are found in every state, in every race. And state governments have no way of knowing who or how many of these citizens are informants for the liberty movement. But they are there. They are your neighbors, your family members. They may even be your insurance agent, your grocer, your banker.

Not all Americans are in complete agreement about gun rights, but they know it is a protected right. And they know when rights are violated by government. They so cherish their liberties as delineated by the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Amendments, that they will stand in solidarity with those whose Second Amendment rights are being threatened.

Everyone in every state has a stake in this. And the government leviathans, either in state governments or the federal government, had best take heed. And remember, you have been warned not one time, not two or three, but dozens of times.


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