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Chicago Just Had Its Deadliest Day of 2017, Already Outpacing Last Year

Seven killed, five of them in just two hours.

2.23.2017 News Trey Sanchez 34

On Wednesday, seven people were shot dead in Chicago, marking the deadliest single day of the new year. At this rate, homicides in the city are set to outpace last year's numbers.

Eight people were shot dead on Christmas Day last year. Wednesday's total missed that by one death. According to The Chicago Tribune, five of the seven murders happened in just a two-hour time span and included "a woman who was eight months pregnant and had already picked out a name for her baby."

More from the report:

"The department reported 379 shooting incidents this year, compared to 365 this time last year," the report continued. " It counted 91 homicides as of Wednesday night, compared to 93 the year before."

To be clear, the Tribune noted that these shootings DO NOT include justified shootings or police-involved shootings. These are criminal shootings - civilians shooting each other.

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