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Societies That Choose to Disarm Will Die

Posted by Bob Owens on March 24, 2016 at 12:29 pm

Brietbart London is reporting that a terrorist attack targeting London has been thwarted.

News of the London plot follows the recent Islamic terror attacks in Brussels, and two prior attacks in Paris, France. All of these attacks have occurred against a backdrop of a dramatic increase in violent crime across Europe that is directly related to a so-called "refugee crisis." Curiously, the "refugees" are primarily composed of tens of thousands of military-aged Muslim males who have taken advantage of European bleeding hearts to stage a "Persian Horse" infiltration of the west.

The dramatic rise in assaults, rapes, and other violent crimes are of course being downplayed by European Union governments, who are irrationally dedicated to a perverse and self-defeating form of politically correct socialism (is that redundantly redundant?), even at the cost of the lives of their own citizens.

It is true that only a handful of radical Muslims are committed to committing violent Jihad against the West, but a sizable minority of "moderate Muslims" ideologically and sometimes materially support the attacks of radicals.

Islamists, of course, are not the only threat.

Here in the United States we face threats from the narco-terrorists cartels based in Central America who have infiltrated every state, the various street gangs that sell their poison to the more dim-witted members of our society, and a radicalizing anti-police/anti-civility movement pushing for racial and economic conflict.

World history is filled with the stories of how great empires have risen, and then collapsed when they grew soft, decadent and weak.

The self-neutered citizens of those nations have surrendered their autonomy and their liberties to "coexist" in nanny states, and have forfeited their capability and will for self-defense.

Europe has grow soft, decadent, and weak.

Would-be leaders such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and their radical gun control-obsessed allies would like to gut the right to bear arms here, rendering us similarly defenseless against the barbarian hordes that always threaten civil societies.

If the United States is to remain free from tyrants, terrorists, and violent mobs, the citizenry must be able to defend themselves with weapons of contemporary defensive utility.

There is no other viable option.

Societies that grow soft and disarm, die.

That is the way it has always been, and the way it will always be.