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IRD Poll Today Crushes Hillary Clinton's Gun Control-Obsessed Campaign
Posted by Bob Owens on October 21, 2015 at 3:57 pm

Leading Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton has gone "all-in" to make radical gun control a key focus of her 2016 Presidential run. The former First Lady said last Friday that "Australian-style" forced gun confiscation-something all but certain to trigger a civil war with up to 160 million American gun owners-was "worth considering."

Three separate polls released today suggest that the elderly candidate has either grossly miscalculated the public's views on gun control, or simply doesn't care what Americans think about their constitutional rights.

Gallup and Wall Street Journal/NBC News polls released earlier today showed that Clinton has dug herself a deep hole.

A new CNN/ORC poll shows that that hole is filling back in... on top of her.

We've been warning the leading Democrats for weeks that their dreams of gutting the Second Amendment was a road to ruin.

Fortunately for supporters of the Constitution, Clinton and the radical left seems intent on running on radical gun control anyway, which may doom the Democrat Party to a crushing 2016 defeat, and perhaps finish it as a major political party in the United States.