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We are witnessing a potential FBI cover-up and corruption scandal unlike anything we have seen! Now we have FBI agents talking about a FBI "secret society" that held off-site meetings in its efforts to undermine President Trump -- along with missing FBI text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents that "coincidentally" began going missing the same day the Mueller probe was launched!!!

We must get to the bottom of this FBI scandal, and the first step is for Congress to RELEASE THE MEMO! Thousands have already signed Grassfire's "Release The Memo" petition. See below for more details and and click here to sign automatically with ONE CLICK and demand that Congress "Release The Memo"!


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The House Intelligence Committee is sitting on an explosive memo that allegedly details FBI abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to target Candidate and then President Trump.

Rep. Steve King called the information in the memo "worse than Watergate" and Rep. Matt Gaetz says the memo shows that the Mueller investigation is "a lie built on corruption."

After calling the memo "shocking" and "troubling," Rep. Mark Meadows said:

As of right now, only members of the House can see this memo which could blow the lid off of one of the worst Deep State attacks on our presidential process in our nation's history! \In fact, the entire "Russia collusion" investigation could be exposed as a total fraud!

Grassfire wants a simple thing. We want to House Intelligence Committee to #ReleaseTheMemo. All it takes is a majority vote in the committee to release the memo so we can weigh the evidence of FBI abuse.

We want to deliver 10,000 petitions in a first wave to the Intelligence Committee by MONDAY. Will you be among the first to sign our #ReleaseTheMemo petition? Just click here or on the image below to AUTOMATICALLY BE INCLUDED in this petition with one click:

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We deserve to know the truth! Tell Congress: RELEASE THE MEMO!


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