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Groups like Everytown for Gun Safety and the Gifford's Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence have made it very clear that they want gun shows like Crossroads of the West banned at the Ventura County Fairgrounds and other fairgrounds across California because they don't believe in the lawful transactions that occur at gun shows.

They do not feel that people should be allowed to embrace their Constitutional rights in this way and they want to push their ideals as the only "good" way of handling gun violence in the country. In pushing their agenda, they have sought to attack and defame lawful businesses in California and attack Constitutionally-guaranteed rights of hundreds of thousands of Californians who attend gun shows each year.

Without further ado, let's reveal some of the truths about the myths these groups are pushing.

"Gun shows are dangerous!" Reality check: Gun shows are so regulated and monitored, that any potential bad actor would be completely foolish to try to walk into a California gun show and make a purchase. This has been confirmed numerous times by employees of the California DOJ in court transcripts and by the Director of the UC Firearms Violence Research Center.

"But what about the gunshow loophole?" Reality check: There are NO gun show loopholes in California. Gun show vendors must follow even more restrictive regulations than the standard brick and mortar store and they have constant law enforcement presence to ensure lawful transactions occur.

This means that no one is leaving a gun show with a firearm that same day. This is something that opponents to the gun show conveniently forget to preach to their loyal followers. Under California law, a purchaser must have a background check, wait 10 days before being able to gain access to their purchased firearm, and pass a written and demonstration test on that particular firearm in order to complete the purchase just to name a few.

"Gun sales are too easy and place the community around the show in danger" Reality check: There are exactly zero statistics that prove that crime goes up in a community following a gun show. There was a study that came out in 2017 regarding gun shows in other states, but that study was quickly refuted for flawed data, thus showing that even when they try to make the connection between crime and gun shows with flawed data, they cannot. Also, see above - in many cases gun show regulations are even more stringent than the average gun store!

"Gun shows promote a culture of guns" Reality check: This isn't a fact, it's an opinion. While it's true the Second Amendment community is strong, the use of firearms for sport and for self-defense is not only Constitutionally protected, it's also a tradition that's been passed down in families for generations. These opponents exemplify the very meaning of the word "discrimination" in equating those that attend family friendly and safe gun shows with a long history of providing legal transactions with those that "glorify guns" and promote violence.

"Gun shows aren't needed" Reality check: Political pressure by the few to attack a Constitutionally-protected activity of others is never a worthwhile endeavor and one that should not be allowed to stand.

This is not a question of "need." Gun shows and the buying and selling of firearms are lawful activities in the State of California. If opponents don't like it, they don't have to attend.

We cannot be silent and let these groups continue to try to force their own morals upon the masses. CRPA and NRA are fighting against this well-organized and intentional campaign to end gun shows across the state. We need your support.

How you can help Please take the time to show up to the Ventura County Fair Board Meeting, Tuesday, September 25th at 9:00am and help us keep the Crossroads of the West gun show - among others - at fairgrounds and other event spaces across the state.