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Yet Another Good Guy With A Gun

From The Editor | Yet Another Good Guy With A Gun
by Mark Chesnut, Editor - Monday, May 18, 2015

Gun-ban advocates like to say that good guys never use guns to stop criminals. Shannon Watts of the Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand group said just that last year in a CNN interview. When asked whether there was any truth to the assertion that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, Watts responded: "This has never happened. Data shows it doesn't happen."

Watts and other anti-gunners prefer a person who is under attack to dial 911 and take his or her chances-even though, as the old saying goes, "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away." That's no knock on our brave men and women in law enforcement. Of course they can't be everywhere all the time-that's physically impossible.

But what are law-enforcement officers to do when they're under attack?

For Oklahoma City rookie police officer Adam Eller, the answer came in the form of a Right-to-Carry permit holder who was ready to step in when the situation was dire. Yes, Ms. Watts, you read that right-an armed citizen used his firearm to save the life of that police officer.

Earlier this month, Officer Eller and Sgt. Michael Lambert, a field training officer, had responded to a burglary call. In the chase that followed, the two were separated.

Eller caught up with the suspect, Jermaine Williams, in the driveway of a nearby home. In the ensuing scuffle, Williams managed to get the upper hand, took Eller's police baton and began beating the officer over the head with it. Eller was badly injured by the dozen blows to the head, and likely would have been beaten to death. But a nearby witness saw the fight, quickly ran to the scene, drew his concealed handgun and put a stop to the attack. What Shannon Watts says "never happens" had happened again-this time saving one of Oklahoma City's finest.

A spokesman for the OKC Police Department told local media: "We're very thankful that citizen was brave enough to leave a point of safety and go to the aid of the officer and stop the attack."

It's important to note that the recent episode in Oklahoma City isn't an isolated one. Last year in Arizona, an armed citizen shot an armed robber who was holding a mall security officer at gunpoint. In March 2013, another armed citizen saved the life of a police officer who was being beaten by a suspect in Baton Rouge, La. Six months earlier, a Texas armed citizen shot a heavily armed murderer who had a police officer pinned down under heavy fire, saving that officer's life.

In fact, press reports of armed citizens coming to the aid of officers-often saving their lives-have appeared in newspapers throughout the country, including Sarasota, Fla.; Houston, Texas; Norwich, Conn.; Leesburg, Fla.; Charlotte, N.C.; Ocala, Fla.; Renton, Wash.; Minden, La.; San Francisco, Calif.; Hagerstown, Md.; Corbin, Ky.; Rochester, N.Y.; Memphis, Tenn.; Ontario, Calif.; Redlands, Calif.; Ft. Worth, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; Inland Valley, Calif.; Sarasota, Calif.; and Alva, Okla.

Truth is, armed citizens use their firearms for self-defense thousands upon thousands of times each year. We report on that trend every day in our "First Things First" section. In many cases-like the recent one in Oklahoma City-no shots are even fired. And sometimes it's police lives that are saved.

It's frustrating that gun-ban advocates refuse to even recognize the widely proven fact that good guys with guns frequently put a stop to the action of criminals. And it's equally frustrating that those in the so-called "mainstream" media let them get away with it.

But in the end, it doesn't really matter. We know the truth. And, as usual, the truth is on our side.