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Violent Crimes with Guns Down, Washington Post Ignores Obvious Reason Why

It just wouldn't fit the anti-gun narrative.

6.9.2017 News Trey Sanchez

Violent crimes using firearms is down in the United States and though The Washington Post cites several reasons why, they overlooked the obvious: the rise in gun ownership. That's no surprise as it would violate the anti-gun narrative of the mainstream media and no way is The Post going to admit that when American citizens are armed, criminals back off.

WaPo gives five hand-picked reasons for the decrease in gun crimes: an increase in police officers in the field, departments using computers and data to pinpoint high-crime areas, "less booze," a more secure economy, and amazingly, public policies that have decreased lead exposure.

Stacy Washington, the black conservative journalist ousted at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch because of her views on guns, fills in the gaps The Post missed: