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Gun Control Laws Make No Difference
By cdmichel | Published December 26, 2013

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a San Francisco based lawyers' group funded in large part by the Joyce Foundation (one of the primary money machines behind the American gun control movement along with Michael Bloomberg) has publicly announced that since 1993, California's numerous and onerous gun control laws caused a 56% reduction in "gun violence." They don't explain how. And they can't. Because the numbers don't fit their narrative. They ignore critical facts that make all the difference.

Gun deaths have dropped by 31% nationally, while California's gun death rate dropped by 52%. That's good news for Californians. But suicides constitute 61% of all those gun deaths. Since 1993 California's suicide rate has fallen four times faster than the national rate, plummeting by 47%, while the United States suicide average dropped only 11%. No gun control law prevents suicides. Suicidal people typically use their own legally purchased handguns, so California's "assault weapon" bans, extra capacity magazines bans, background checks, and all the rest had nothing to do with the overall reduction in suicides. The reduction in suicides, not gun control laws, accounts for nearly all of California's better than national average reduction in overall gun deaths.

When suicides are removed from the overall reduced "gun violence" equation, the gap between national and California gun deaths closes by two thirds! But even factoring in the difference between California and national suicide reduction rates, there is still a seven point gap between the gun death tallies for California compared with the rest of the country. Why?

Because there actually were some effective laws passed in California around 1993. But not the kind the gun ban lobby's lawyers tout.

Non Suicide Gun Deaths for California-

Criminologists have long noted that most violence occurs at the hands of repeat offenders, and occurs disproportionately among inner city gangs (recently Yale sociologists concluded that 40% of inner city homicides are caused by four percent of the population). In 1994, California passed its first "three strikes" law specifically designed to address repeat violent offenders. The public was fed-up with escalating crime, and 72 percent of California voters responded by enacting Proposition 184. Two years later voters targeted criminals misusing guns with the 10-20-Life law, putting thugs in jail for long stretches, some lasting forever.

By targeting these repeat offenders who use guns to commit rapes, robberies and murders, California effectively reduced the violence on our streets, and saved many lives. These "criminal control" laws are behind California's successful fight against gun violence. "Gun control" laws had nothing to do with it.

These devilish details are buried by politicians and political advocacy groups. But numbers examined closely are extremely stubborn and chisel slowly away at those who attempt to manipulate the public-if the public listens. SOURCES:

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