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Which party wants your guns?

Posted on September 28, 2015 by USCCA

Every once in a while, a Democratic gun-grabber says something so shockingly stupid that it boggles the mind of any intelligent American who cares to think instead of feel. In this case, that dopey, liberal stupidity came from Virginia Democrat (imagine that) Patrick Hope giving us the typical, liberal, knee-jerk reaction of immediately calling for more gun control in the wake of a publicized shooting (read: shamelessly exploiting tragedy for political gain). I'm talking about the horrific televised murders of two Virginia news reporters by a psychopath, a loser.

In most cases, these charlatans don't wait for the bodies to be moved or the killers to be caught before running their gators. In their thirst for more gun-hating infringements on all of us, the facts don't mean a damn thing to them. (That's because their real goal isn't to stop crime, get it?)

Back to Hope, who hails from Virginia's 47th District, just outside Washington, D.C., and nowhere near the killings a couple hundred miles away. I can tell you from life experience spending four years living in the southwestern Virginia area where the shooting occurred that his dopey liberal views are not reciprocated. That area of Virginia is a very deep red — a rural and conservative area filled with people that Barack Obama would describe as folks who like to "cling to their Bibles and their guns." I can assure you that they ain't giving up either one of them to some foolish liberal northern Virginia politician — or anyone else for that matter — anytime soon.

As a good toe-the-line Democrat, Hope predictably called for more gun control in the wake of the slayings … but in the process, he did something I'm sure had the heads of the gun-grabber movement popping like zits. He exposed the true agenda of the freedom haters, which is to eventually eradicate the right to bear arms by any means possible — one infringement at a time. How did Hope do this? In the very same sentence calling for more gun control, this good Democratic soldier of gun-grabbing flat out admitted his proposal (background checks) would have done nothing to stop the murder that initiated his quest for infringement on your rights in the first place.

"I chose background checks, not because it would have prevented (the Virginia shooting) but because this would be easiest to pass," Hope said. "We will not be able to prevent every single incident. We need to do something."

"We need to do something."

Awww, it warms my heart every time I hear such a touchy-feely, wishy-washy, liberal feel so strongly that he must do "something." Forget the fact that "something" he proposes admittedly wouldn't do anything … except infringe on the rights of millions of Virginians who did nothing. I mean, why let that get in the way of a good day's work of trying something, anything in your ongoing attempts to screw as many people as possible out of their right to bear arms?

Before he opens his liberal pie-hole in the future, Hope might want to bone up on the facts. Every Virginian who buys a gun already gets a federal background check … in fact, the very same background check that didn't stop the killer who passed it when he bought the gun he used to kill two people. More proof that the Democratic Party (and its gun-grabbing soldiers) is the party of gun control and more proof that the real agenda ain't about stopping crime.

Repeat after me.

Which party wants your guns?

–Mark Walters