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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= begin email sent to me by Nancy Skinner =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Dear Mr. XXXXXX:

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding your opposition to Assembly Bill 169. I value your opinion, and appreciate you taking the time to write.

AB 169 would prohibit any individual from selling or transferring ownership of an unsafe handgun to anyone who is not authorized to handle one. As the law currently stands, there are exceptions to this provision, but this bill would delete these exceptions. Furthermore, this bill would also apply to

AB 169 passed through the Assembly and is now being reviewed by the Senate. The bill is currently awaiting a hearing from the Senate Appropriations Committee.

While I regret that we disagree on merits of this legislation, I urge you to continue to contact my office regarding issues of importance to you.

It is an honor to serve you in Sacramento.

Nancy Skinner
Assemblymember, 15th District

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= end of email sent to me by Nancy Skinner =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Nancy Skinner thinks that a bolt action firearm can easily be converted to semi automatic.

It is true that one can do this but it would be easier to vote her out of office. There was an effort to conveert bolt action guns to semi-auto before the start of WW II but it was ill conceived and was abandoned as the war effort had the manufacturing of semi-auto firearms was put into place. The stock of bolt action rifles in place was a collection such that there were many differences in the supply and the individual differences made it more difficult to do than simply stating from scratch to build the semi-automatic rifles.

you can't fix stupid but you can vote them out