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Hillary Writes a Suicide Note: I'm Coming For Your Guns

It is the intrinsic nature of all societies to march inexorably towrds totalitarianism.

Armed Half of the Country Says No

The ditches alongside the American political highway are littered with the figurative corpses of politicians who have chosen to go to war with the NRA. (That's a metaphor with dozen of layers, not least of which is the question of why anyone would go to war with the people who have all the weapons.) But in this case, Hillary may be falling into the trap which many observers have been waiting for her to spring.1

I am waiting for her to say that she wants to enter a debate on guns. I am putting together a laundry list of the people I want to see in that debate:

This would mostly be an educational session for Hillary as she and all gun grabbers have only half the information on the subject witnessed. This is an awkwardly put together sentence as I want it so such that it can have words and letters removed so it reads: Hillary half wit.
Or: All gun grabbers half wit.