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Gun Control For Dummies

March 9, 2013 in Featured, Gun Control, Posts by Jeff Pierce

I doubt anyone has been able to miss the unprecedented gun buying spree that has been underway for the last few months. Everything on the shelves of most stores, distributors and manufacturers has been picked clean. Not even scraps are left after the mobs run through.

What caused this feeding frenzy? Politicians promising tougher gun control laws, what else? Why would that cause a buyer panic the likes of which normally occurs immediately before hurricanes hit landfall? The simplest explanation is this: because the gun buying public doesn't agree with Washington DC.

Using the basic premise that gun control prevents crime, as DC continues to claim, where are the safest places to be? New York City? Washington DC? Chicago? Los Angeles? The bastions of civilized firearms legislation right?

The reality is, nothing definitively t proves gun control laws work or don't work.. Most of the arguments for and against gun control are based on feelings and reactions, which is not a good way to conduct business. Feel good legislation that fails is useless and feelings are not a good indicator of anyone's safety.

Please consider the following statistics

Washington DC 2010: 132 reported murders.

Washington DC 2012: 88 reported murders.

Los Angeles 2010: 293 reported murders.

Los Angeles 2012: 297 reported murders.

Chicago 2010: 435 reported murders.

Chicago 2012: 506 reported murders.

New York 2010: 868 reported murders.

New York 2012: 414 reported murders.

"Chicago has the strongest gun control regime in the nation. Both assault weapons and high-capacity magazines are completely banned in the city. And up until the 2010 Supreme Court decision that legalized them, handguns were banned too.

You can now get a permit to own a firearm in Chicago, but it requires firearms training, two separate background checks and a firearm owner's identification card. As a result of these burdensome and punitive measures, only 7,640 people currently hold a firearms permit in Chicago. But criminals couldn't care less about Chicago's gun laws. Chicago police seized 7,400 guns used in crimes in 2012 alone." [Washington Examiner]

In 2008, the US Supreme Court ruled Washington DC's gun ban as unconstitutional. In 2010, the US Supreme Court ruled Chicago's gun ban unconstitutional. Regardless of feelings or anything else, the US Constitution does protect Americans from these gun bans, even today.

So the question is, does gun control prevent crime? The reality is, laws do not prevent crime, they define the crime. A law has never prevented any criminal act, not directly at least. The simple fact is that gun laws do not change how violent criminals will act, and it certainly will not convince them to turn in their illegal firearms. Does disarming the honest law abiding people make society safer from criminals?

I say carry a gun, responsibly, safely... because carrying a cop gets very tiring, very quickly.

Jeff Pierce is LET's Tactical Contributor. He has extensive training and experience in law enforcement, corrections, military, and emergency response operations including tactical operations, counter terrorism, WMD and critical incident response. Jeff has served as a federal tactical officer including entry team, precision marksman team, team leader, team commander, range master and lead instructor. Jeff founded Double Diamond Tactical to further help responders and law abiding citizens receive safe and effective training. D2Tac has trained all levels of civilian, military, and law enforcement personnel since 2005. Come visit us at