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Leftwing Idiocy: Tech Giants Ban Rifle 'Emoji'...Because Orlando

This is the child-like mind of the Left.

6.21.2016 News Tiffany Gabbay

Further proof that Hillary Clinton must be defeated in the 2016 presidential election. Otherwise, we will be forced to endure at least another four years in which the Left is in charge of "protecting" us...

... from emojis.

Fox News reports that in the wake of the worst terror attack in U.S. history since 9/11, tech giants led by Apple have decided to contribute constructively to keeping Americans safe -- by scrapping a "rifle emoji" that had been made available on their smart-device apps:

The rifle emoji was rejected by the group that organizes the emoji system, the Unicode Consortium, an organization in which big tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google have voting rights, BuzzFeed News reported, saying that Apple was an influential voice against including the rifle image and had initiated the conversation.

As one person who was there told BuzzFeed News, "I heard Apple speak up about it and also Microsoft."

The rifle originally seems to have been included as a candidate in the context of the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, in which shooting events with rifles, pistols, and shotguns are scheduled.

The Unicode Consortium recently added 72 new emojis, which include a drooling face, a nauseated face, and images of someone taking a selfie. That list does not include a rifle in its "sports" section. There is already an emoji depicting a handgun.

Because you know, that cartoon-depiction of a gun is our gravest national security threat.

This is the child-like mind of leftists -- so weak and ineffective they can't find their way out of a wet paper bag -- but don't worry, they'll keep us safe from the greatest threat to humanity the world has ever known.