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The White House Blatantly LIED To The Press Corps About M855 Ammunition. Here's Why It Matters.

Posted by Bob Owens on March 3, 2015 at 12:37 pm

American forces complained regularly about the spectacular failure of the M855 to stop enemy combatants, at least since the 1993 raid turned rescue mission in Mogadishu, Somalia, that became famous in the movie, "Black Hawk Down."

The M855 cartridge was a spectacular failure in the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu, Somalia, where Delta Force operators firing the round out of CAR-15 carbines reported that Somali militiamen took multiple rounds without immediate effect. The 10.5 inch barrels of the carbines did not let the cartridge attain enough velocity to cause significan damage. The failure of the M855 in short-barrel rifles like the CAR-15, the M4 carbine, and in M16s (when the bullet dropped below 2,500 FPS velocity) led the U.S. Army, SOCOM, and the Marines to develop different and more effective bullets, which have now almost completely replaced the M855 in combat.

The failure of the M855 to generate fight-stopping wounds is even more pronounced in AR-15 pistols with 7.5 inch barrels that the Obama Administration is attempting to portray as such a significant threat to law enforcement. At the low velocities of a pistol, the M855 creates narrow "icepick" type wounds which do not incapacitate attackers, and which are far easier to heal from than almost any other 5.56 or .223 Remington bullet.

Put another way, the M855 is is high demand for punching paper targets, but stinks at stopping people.

By forcing this ammunition off the market with it's false and spiteful reclassification of M855 as "armor-piercing," the Obama Administration is ensuring the widespread adoption of more deadly bullets for law-abiding citizens and criminals alike.

AR-15 pistols are not "easily concealed weapons" by any definition

An AR-15 is, at its core, always a rifle. The upper and lower receivers, buffer tubes and magazines of AR-15s are always the same size as that of an AR-15 rifle, regardless of whether the barrel is shortened, or the stock is removed.

Here is a screen capture of YouTube Gun enthusiast Hank Strange shooting an AR-15 pistol from one of his videos. Does this look "easily concealable?"

No reasonable person can call a large, bulky firearm that weighs 5 lbs "easily concealable." The footprint of an AR-15 "pistol" is massive, no matter how it is defined.

In that regard, it has a lot in common with the lies of Josh Earnest and the Obama Administration.

Conclusion: It's not about saving police, but hurting gun owners

To date, there are precisely ZERO recorded incidents of American law enforcement officers being fatally shot through their body armor with M855 ammunition out of an AR-15 pistol.


So why would the Obama Administration put so much time and energy in attempting to ban M855 ammunition?

The AR-15 is the most popular rifle sold every year in the United States since Barack Obama was elected President, and the M855 ammunition is the most common and economical form of that ammunition. In manufacturing an excuse to ban M855, Obama is attempting to hurt all those Americans who have purchased AR-15-style rifles, as he's already punished those shooters who own 5.45x39 rifles and who once enjoyed shooting economical 7N6 surplus ammunition.

Put bluntly, this is nothing more or less than a big "foxtrot uniform" (NSFW) to gun owners from a petty and vindictive President who has a long and storied history of spiteful attacks against those he does not like.

In the end, we're being charitable when we chalk up Obama's attempt to ban M855 as a scornful and clearly unconstitutional attack on the Second Amendment.

Others are viewing it as a prelude of an attempt to ban all rifle ammunition, as all centerfire rifle ammunition commonly used for hunting and target shooting will penetrate police body armor designed to stop pistol bullets.

We've fought wars in this nation for less, starting with a little attempt to confiscate ammunition in the towns of Lexington and Concord on a chilly April morning in 1775.

Tread carefully, Mr. President.

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