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307 mass shootings in the last 311 days

What thoughts do you have about a recent report that there have been 307 mass shooting in the last 311 days in the United States? Is this not insanity?
Richard Combs
Richard Combs, Interested in all Rights

Hello there OP,

Is this not insanity? Apparently, but not for the reason you may think. The MSN headline is a good piece of journalistic marketing, the hook that pulls in the reader and therefore increases ad revenue. 307 mass shootings in the last 311 days. Everyone seems to be using the Gun Violence Archive data, so will I for consistency's sake.

That 307 sounds terrible, doesn't it? Well, it is up to 323 as of 29 November 2018. That means different things to different statisticians. Some count killings involving 4 or more in a public place, others 3. Federal law recognizes 3 in a public place, then the Gun Violence people want to redefine it to 4 or more people shot and killed or injured. Hey, but whatever floats your boat, right?

Why is this important? It is important because 49% of the mass shootings are woundings, 51% involve killing and the average killed per shooting is 2.2 with the number injured of 4. Just for fun, I ran the Gun Violence numbers[1] and 42% of these happened in Chicago and California (Bay Area and LA), places with some of the toughest gun control in the country.

U.S. Code / Title 6 / Chapter 1 / Subchapter VIII / Part H / ยง 455

Investigation of certain violent acts, shootings, and mass killings [2]

(1) In general

At the request of an appropriate law enforcement official of a State or political subdivision, the Secretary, through deployment of the Secret Service or United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, may assist in the investigation of violent acts and shootings occurring in a place of public use, and in the investigation of mass killings and attempted mass killings. Any assistance provided by the Secretary under this subsection shall be presumed to be within the scope of Federal office or employment.

(2) Definitions For purposes of this subsection-

(A) the term "mass killings" means 3 or more killings in a single incident; and

(B) the term "place of public use" has the meaning given that term under section 2332f(e)(6) of title 18.

Here is an companion piece from the Business Insider:

There is no broadly accepted definition of a mass shooting. The Gun Violence Archive defines a mass shooting as a single incident in which four or more people, not including the shooter, are "shot and/or killed" at "the same general time and location."[3]

Is it also insanity that 97% of the major mass killings happened in "gun free" zones? How is it not insanity to keep increasing control of the law abiding expecting that somehow this will control the non-law abiding. Is it not said that The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results?[4]

These mass shootings involved gangsters, which ought to be no surprise since they don't do gun control anyway. Still, out of 13,270 killed so far, 323 is pretty small, as in 2.73%. A thing to consider is that there are at least 99,305,318 legal gun owners among the 254,629,020 adults living in the several States (that 39% [5][6] seems pretty solid). We also know that the FBI tells use that there were about 11,004[7] gun using murderers in 2016 and up to 28% of these people were legal owners (3,081). Sounds like a lot doesn't it? But that is only 0.0031%, leaving 99.997%.

Will increasing the control the 99.997% law abiding stop the illegal use of guns? No it won't. The real tragedy is that the root causes for over 1/2 of all gun murder is not a mystery. Even the Guardian figured it out in Special Report: Fixing Gun Violence in America.[8] They noticed that 1/2 the gun murder happened in 127 cities, that contain about 1/4 of the US population (63%[9] of the US live in cities, so no saying "that's just city life"). That means those cities have a gun murder rate 300% greater than the other 3/4.

Here is the map showing those 127[10] brown spots of mayhem.

To close this TLTR, here are the very beautiful thoughts of a 13 year old girl, she was shot and killed by some benighted idiots.

Below is full essay:[11]