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BOOM! Firearms Association Writes OPEN LETTER To Obama Crushing His Gun Industry LIES!

(Bearing Arms) - The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the firearms industry's trade association, purchased ad space in the Washington Post this morning to publish an open letter to President Obama.

It addresses Mr. Obama's frankly duplicitous statements about the firearms industry.

President Obama's administration has long been dishonest about the root causes of violent crime, which are typically the result of poverty, desperation, gang activity, illegal drug dealing, and mental illness.

Despite collusion by this administration with the agenda-driven reporting of the mainstream media, the "gun violence epidemic" so regularly brought up by President Obama and other anti-gun politicians has been conclusively proven to be a lie.

FBI data shows that the nation currently has the lowest per capita murder rate in recorded history, and the lowest rate of accidental gun deaths in U.S. history, while total gun ownership and the total number of firearms in society are the highest they've ever been.

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