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There is a gagle of them.

I went to a meeting in Lafayette a bit of time ago when Steven Glazer was hosting a meeting. His law would ban the use of a bullet button which allows a gun owner to quickly change clips in an AR-15. Clips. Rifles of all kinds of which the AR-15 is a sub set are used in homicides less times per year than hammers at about 350.
At the same time guns are used in self defense about 760,000 times per year or 2000 times per day.
Kleck and Gertz study
So the population of the US is about 320 million. One fourth of those are children or people less than voting age so the size of the electorate is about 240 million.
I have seen estimates of the number of gun owners at 160 million, so the gun owners comprise half the electorate.
Other figures are 100 million and 120 million.
I don't know when these estimates were put together, however for the period including the years 2000 through 2015 and including Januaryand February 2016 the number of NICS was 156,921,764.
The number of NICS is a proxy for gun sales.
Mass shotings were 14 in 2014 and 25 in 2015 So in an attempt to keep 30 or so incidents from happening in a year he would remove the means to prevent 2000 incidents per day happening.The electorate should vote to remove Steve Glazer from office.