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Mother, 2 children murdered in Calif. home 6:27 AM, Oct 24, 2012

Lindsey Tugman

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (CNN/KOVR) -- A California man returned home to find his wife and two small children brutally murdered. The gruesome discovery was made Tuesday evening. Now, police are on the hunt for the killer.

Jason Ramos with the Sacramento Co. Sheriff's Dept. says, "They were directed to the home, went inside and I'm sorry, I need a minute, I'm sorry."

It's even tough for some of the most seasoned law enforcement profesionals. And for family members it's incomprehensible.

Investigators say a woman and two children were brutally murdered in their home on De Soto Way in Rancho Cordova. Ramos says, "This woman and two toddlers believe to be her children were victims of a very violent crime resulting in their death."

Deputies say it's so gruesome, graphic, and personal that the suspect didn't use a gun. To make matters worse the husband returned home from school to find his wife and two of his kids dead. Mike Yaroshchuk says, "My brother lives across the from where the killings went on."

Yaroshchuk's brother lives across the street from the murder scene. Cops say the husband ran to his brother's home and asked him to call 9-1-1. He says, "Obviously he ran to my brother looking for a phone because that's where the killing went on."

When officers got here not only did they find the three victims but heard a 6-month-old baby boy crying in a back bedroom. He's safe.

Chaplains have now been called in to help the victim's family and the homicide investigators deal with what they heard and saw. Ramos says, "We're all human so it impacts all of us significantly."