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How plausible is it to create a single gun free town or a single gun free state in USA?

How plausible is it to create a single gun free town or a single gun free state in USA?

Leslie Fish Leslie Fish, I'm a musician and writer, and history is my hobby. Answered 11h ago

It's been done. More than 30 years ago, a town called Morton Grove, Illinois (go look it up) decided to go "gun-free", and passed a law forbidding anyone (except police and govt. officials, of course) to own a firearm, no exceptions. I vividly remember the protests, how the town's citizens massed in front of city hall, and howled in protest when the city council passed the law. The incident made headlines all across the country.

Partly in response to that, the town govt. of Kennesaw, Georgia (go look it up) - which had almost exactly the same population, demographics, economics and average income - passed a law stating just the opposite: *requiring* every household to possess and maintain at least one working firearm. This law *did* allow exceptions for "religious pacifists", which made it more lenient than the Morton Grove law.

In other words, these two towns set themselves up to be a real-life experiment in gun-ownership and crime-rates. They've kept the experiment going for the last 30 years and more.

The results were undeniable, which is why the gun-control movement never mentions them. Morton Grove promptly saw its crime rate (general and violent) go up, and climb steadily ever since. Kennesaw saw its crime rate (general and violent) drop like a rock, and continue dropping ever since.

This real-life experiment, though carefully not mentioned by the media, is one of the reasons why the attitudes of most of the population (52% to 71%, depending on whether you trust the Gallup or Pew surveys) of the US turned against the gun-control agenda. Yes, most Americans *do* believe that private citizens should be able to own guns for self-defense. There are only arguments about what degree of "control" is "sensible" - especially when most of the "common sense" controls people are asking for *are already on the books*, just badly or irregularly enforced.

Morton Grove, Illinois, and Kennesaw, Georgia. Go look them up.