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New Zealand PM Wants Right to Armed Self-Defense To Be Government-Granted 'Privilege'

P. Gardner Goldsmith , @gardgoldsmith
July. 31. 2019

As a follow-up to the insulting, aggressive, and ineffectual attacks on free speech and self-defense that were her "response to" the March 15 murders of 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand, NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has taken a great leap forward in the annals of 21st Century state tyranny.

She has proposed a statute that will designate the right to keep and bear arms as a "government-provided privilege."

Michael Tennant, of The New American, explains:

And in doing so, she employed the same species of rhetoric that 20th Century despots employed when demonizing gun-owners and attempting to disarm the peacefully-minded citizenry.

Stuart Nash, the government's Police Minister, sycophantically echoed her forbidding threat.

And, Minister, you never will, for the simple fact that criminally-minded people want guns, black markets always circumvent statutes, and criminally-minded people are, as a result -- and as has been shown over and over again in history and even in contemporary America -- going to get the guns.

As Jon Miltimore reported for

And for that simple reason, peacefully-minded New Zealanders who have learned from history are already resisting your gun mandates.

Just days after the Christchurch attacks, PM Arden announced her own, executive branch "ban" on semiautomatic rifles, something that The New American's Bob Adelman noted at the time:

Indeed, the "buy-back" program was passed a few short weeks later, which allowed perspicacious folks in New Zealand and elsewhere to observe two things.

First, politicians lie when soft-labeling mandatory gun confiscation and small state payouts as "buy-backs." In fact, the government never owned the guns in the first place.

Second. The vast, vast majority of New Zealand's gun owners did not turn in their guns.

As JD Tuccille writes for Reason, despite fawning news coverage, statistics showed that only 700 of the 1.5 million guns owned by New Zealanders were handed in shortly after the confiscation – er, sorry, I mean "buy back" – became an executable statute. That's .00046 percent of the guns in the nation of 4.6 million people.

And the peacefully-minded "Kiwis" who didn't turn in their firearms were fortunate that, until now, New Zealand's politicians have never mandated they register their guns.

The New American's Tennant explains that Arden's flashy new proposal is intended to end that, big time.

But the Australian man apprehended for committing the Christchurch murders clearly didn't care about the statutes outlawing murder and assault, and he also broke an already extant statute forbidding high-capacity magazines. As Reuters reported in March: And a man with a gun at the second location frightened away the assailant before police (the ill-named "first responders" in this case) could get there, saving countless lives.

And, of course, statistics show that not only do gun "bans" not stop criminally-minded people from acquiring guns, they show the profound relationship between the right to keep and bear arms and decreased rates of violent crime.

But that hasn't stopped Arden and her ardent collectivists from grabbing for more state power. Now, , she proposes what people ought to recognize as the ultimate revelation of government's true nature.

The state is now a predator, existing at the expense of your rights.

Free speech doesn't exist in Orwellian New Zealand. And plenty of other Westerners, from French politicians, to left-wing American journalists, to American blowhards like Barack Obama (who wanted a "truthiness test" for the internet) and Kamala Harris are intent on making sure that only government-sanctioned speech will be allowed online.

They are bounding headlong on the path that Arden and her effete leftist thugs are breaking, a path that doesn't just lead to tyranny, but is tyranny. It is the path that led to the largest slaughters of the 20th Century, all committed by collectivist regimes, and all committed after those regimes crushed free speech, registered firearms, and then ordered them handed in by certain "groups", on the fallacious claim that the right to keep and bear arms is, somehow, a government-granted privilege.

Indeed, it seems the 20th Century tyrants would applaud NZ's Arden:

And, finally, on the subject of inherent rights: Todays politicians, singing accompany the echoes of the past.