Obama is a lawyer. How do people become lawyers? It may be the best thing the can do. A few lawyers I have encountered have no math skills. Obama may be one of them. He is pushing a gun cntrol agenda using the reason, If we can save just one life. So he and other gun grabbers try to grab guns. At the same time that events occur that compared with being struck by lightning, such as the Sandy Hook killings. You are 42 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to encounter an event such as Sandy Hook. So they want to ban the modern sporting rifle the AR-15, mis labeled by people who get their knowledge of firearms by watching television as assault rifles. A true assault rifle is used by the military and capable of full automatic rates of fire, emptying a thirty round magazine in 3 seconds for a 600 rpm rate of fire. I myself a few years ago did not know that AK-47's were available in semi-auto configuration only, I thought AK-47's were only full auto. Likewie the uninformed public likely think so also. The gun grabbers may know the distinction but they are not going to transmit the information to the public as that would hamper their agenda. AR-15's are used in about 3% of murders. A fact that is lost on gun grabbers. At the same time about a million times a year guns are used by law abiding citizens to defend themselves from criminals. In the above link search for 'Journal of Quantitative Criminology' Also here Obama Comes to Minneapolis