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12:05:12 PM: dfy: I was in here yesterday and I started a dicussion stating that lawyers were poor choices for being law makers and I pointed out tht Obama was baffled by 7th grade math
12:06:37 PM: dfy: DonkeyHotei chimed in stating that math wasn't required to be a good lawyer which was beside the point I was leading up to
12:07:10 PM: dfy: math skills are required to be a good scientist
12:08:32 PM: dfy: a scientist if he or she has a theory that he wants to test will design an experiment to test the validity of the theory
12:09:28 PM: dfy: if the results of the experiment do not support the theory the scientist will change the theory and perform a new experiment to test the new theory
12:10:59 PM: dfy: I present the idea that Obama is a moron and show how his actions support this idea and use his lack of math skills as a marker
12:12:11 PM: dfy: Obama has been for a long time a supporter of the idea that civilian disarmament is a good idea in the face of contradictory evidence
12:13:06 PM: dfy: and if anyone wants to listen I can present the evidence that gun control is a bad idea
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