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SAF launches ad campaign challenging 'Obama's gun control lies'

Almost simultaneous to the arrival of President Barack Obama in Roseburg, Oregon on Friday, the Second Amendment Foundation announced the launch of a television campaign challenging him for "gun control lies."

SAF's Alan Gottlieb has a new advertisement challenging what he calls President Obama's gun control lies. Dave Workman The Bellevue, Washington-based gun rights organization could not have timed it any better or worse, depending upon one's perspective. The advertisement, urging at least one million people to call a toll-free telephone number and answer a simple question: "Do you think Obama is lying to push his gun control agenda?" The telephone number is (800) 292-9044. The video can be viewed here.

Greeting the president in Roseburg was a well-behaved crowd, many visibly carry sidearms and exercising their First as well as Second Amendment rights, which is legal in Oregon, and carrying some rather provocative signs. Messages including "Obama Free Zone" and "No Bama" contrasted with welcome signs along the roads and around Roseburg High School, where the president's motorcade was expected. The event was covered by Oregon media, including KGW in Portland.

There's been lots of grumbling in the Northwest over the past several days since Obama, in the wake of last week's shooting at Umpqua Community College that took nine innocent lives, told a press conference that he intends to politicize such incidents to fuel gun debate. In Roseburg, depending upon the source, there were hundreds of pro-Second Amendment protesters, some who had traveled from neighboring Washington state a couple of hundred miles north.

The SAFadvertisement, which also appears on YouTube, is pretty hard-hitting. As Gottlieb explained it, "We're fed up with the president's repeated exploitation of tragedies to promote a failed agenda of public disarmament." The one-minute spot bristles as it repeatedly accuses the president of lying about guns.

"Law-abiding gun owners are not the problem, nor is their right to keep and bear arms," Gottlieb said, "and Obama knows it. But true to the left wing principle of never letting a tragedy go to waste, the president and other anti-gunners have launched a massive attack on the Second Amendment.

"The president has argued that states with the toughest gun control policies experience less violent crime," he added. "Apparently he thinks Chicago and Baltimore are no longer part of the United States, much less Washington, D.C., New York or Los Angeles.

"He has referred to Australia's gun laws," Gottlieb added, "without mentioning that the cornerstone of that country's effort was a massive and mandatory surrender of privately-owned firearms. That suggests to us that his agenda just might include gun confiscations if people don't meekly turn them in.

"He claims that more guns in the hands of honest citizens, and the elimination of gun-free zones would not reduce gun-related crime," he said. "You never see mass shootings at gun stores or shooting ranges, but only places like schools, churches and shopping malls where firearms are forbidden."

Gottlieb told Examiner that the television ads would begin airing on Monday. It will also be discussed by radio host Mark Walters during his Sunday evening gun rights program, Armed America Radio.