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Opinions of President Barack Obama's personal qualities have taken a hit in recent weeks, particularly views of his honesty and his ability to manage the government effectively, a new CNN/ORC International poll released today shows.

More than half -- 53% -- of Americans now believe that Obama is not honest and trustworthy, the first time that a clear majority in CNN polling has felt that way. And only 40% of the public believes that Obama can manage the government effectively -- the worst score Obama received among the nine personal characteristics tested and down from 52% six months ago.

Obama is still seen as someone who cares about ordinary Americans: six in 10 say he has a vision for the country's future, and seven in 10 say he is likable -- his best attribute of the nine items tested in this poll. But the numbers are down for admiration and likability as well. It's clear that views of Obama as a person -- once his strong suit -- have taken a hit in October and throughout 2013.