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ObamaCares ... To Know About Your Guns
By cdmichel | Published December 12, 2013

Soon, you might become a federally registered gun owner when you visit your doctor. Given Obama's antagonism to gun rights and his overtly statist nature, it isn't a matter of if this will come to pass, but when.

Obamacare, a hideous and dysfunctional monster even when it (rarely) works, is a machine inherently designed to violate personal privacy. Part of this massive scheme requires doctors and hospitals to comply with keeping federal electronic health records. Stories are already erupting that the government may want details about your personal habits, including your sex life, for purposes poorly documented. Aside from what you, your spouse, and your twenty closest friends may do on a Friday night, the feds will want details about you carbohydrate consumption, exercise, stress levels and what flavor vodka you pour on your breakfast cereal.

Inevitably, they will eventually ask if you own guns ... and how many ... and where do you keep them.

Ignore the ramifications of Obamacare exchanges that openly share your information with law enforcement. Federal requirements for recording non-medical, yet allegedly "health" related information are a seedy backdoor access into your personal lives, houses, papers and effects (I feel a civil rights case looming). A dozen oddball questions, cross-correlated with NSA-level data aggregation, could lead to government interventions that would otherwise be impossible or outright illegal. But under the guise of a national healthcare "plan," and with doctors participating under threats of fines and imprisonment, the gears are already in motion.

Obamacare privacy.

Which brings us to the never ending saga of how various anti-gun groups have in the past persuaded doctors to ask their patients about gun ownership. This privacy invasion is so flagrant that some states have banned the practice, with mixed results. If mandated by federal regulation (no need to pass a law - Obamacare was written to move such lawmaking into the hands of his bureaucratic henchmen) doctors would be compelled to ask about your gun ownership, state law be damned. The only real question is how thorough are those questions, and will you give accurate answers ("Shove it, Doc!" might be considered an accurate reply, though not a wise one for your proctologist).

How can the government force doctors and hospitals to be their data collectors? The means are many:

Any doctor who receives a dime of subsidized insurance dollars could be compelled to do so. Insurance companies participating in government exchanges or benefiting from subsidies could be instructed to deny coverage to anyone not answering the question. Subsidized insurance could be denied to gun owners if a bureaucrat claims guns are an inherent health risk (as Obama's former employer, the Joyce Foundation, insists it is).

Consider forsaking any state or federal health insurance exchanges, or subsidized Obamacare plans. Better still, forsake Obama and his plan. ObamaCares not for your rights or privacy.