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Australia Admits Gun Buyback Failure, Announces Amnesty

Posted at 9:14 am on October 21, 2016 by Bob Owens

Australia's Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan speaks during an interview with Reuters in Bangkok

The Australian government has begrudging and indirectly admitted the failure of their strict gun control laws, which included a gun buyback scheme that has been ignored by hundreds of thousands of citizens.

In a desperate attempt to get guns out of the hands of citizens who refuse to give them up, the Justice Minister has lamely offered an amnesty that amounts to whining, "won't you please hand over your liberty?"

While forced buybacks under the threat of prosecution for failure to turn in firearms are favored by Liberals in Australia and radical progressive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the United States, the fact of the matter is that most people have simply chosen to ignore the law, as it violates the core human right to armed self-defense.

All the law has done in Australia is to turn otherwise law-abiding but non-compliant citizens into criminals in the eyes of the law, while having very little effect on crime at all.

By the way, reporters love to claim that there have been "no mass shootings" in Australia since their restrictive gun law went into effect in 1996, but that simply isn't true. Laws are nothing more or less than an agreement by the citizenry that they will abide by certain guidelines in order for a civil society to work. The paradox of laws is that the more there are, and the more restrictive they are, the less likely even good people are to follow them. Once laws rise to a certain level of absurdity, then the legitimacy of the government itself falls into question, and good people begin ignoring government edicts nearly as much as criminals do.

It is at this point where governments and constitutions fall.

Australians are engaging in so-called "Irish Democracy" by ignoring an absurdly restrictive gun law, and instead of having a regulated arms trade as there is in the United States, their 20-year experiment has had the effect of moving the personal firearms market underground without significant impacting demand or for that matter, supply.

There are more than a quarter million "illegal" firearms in Australia, despite the government's attempt to ban them, and despite the fact that Australians lack the "gun culture" found in many other nations.

Gun control and democracy cannot coexist.

Free peoples want to be armed.