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Palin's Facebook Salvo: Obama Has Committed 'Impeachable' Offenses

October 14, 2013 by Ben Bullard

Sarah Palin let rip on President Barack Obama Monday afternoon, calling his attack strategy on House Republicans' efforts to fund the government - a process the Constitution expressly allots to the House of Representatives - an "impeachable offense."

In a posting-cum-editorial titled "Obama's Debt Default is on His Shoulders While We Shoulder His Impeachable Offenses," Palin derided Obama's assertion last week that the government would not be incurring additional Federal debt if Congress again raises the debt limit:

Apparently the president thinks he can furlough reality when talking about the debt limit. To suggest that raising the debt limit doesn't incur more debt is laughably absurd. The very reason why you raise the debt limit is so that you can incur more debt. Otherwise what's the point?

It's also shameful to see him scaremongering the markets with his talk of default. There is no way we can default if we follow the Constitution. The Fourteenth Amendment, Section 4, requires that we service our debt first. We currently collect more than enough tax revenue to service our debt if we do that first. However, we don't have enough money to continue to finance our ever-growing federal government (with our $17 trillion dollar national debt that has increased over 50% since Obama took office). That's why President Obama wants to increase the debt limit. He doesn't want to make the tough decisions to rein in government spending.

Palin obviously exercised restraint by keeping her list of "impeachable offenses" short - presumably for the sake of brevity.

To enumerate the impeachable offenses that have attended the Benghazi coverup, the IRS-Tea Party scandal, the enrichment of the surveillance state and warrantless searches on millions of Americans, the preferential treatment afforded Islamist terrorists and the countries that breed them, Fast and Furious and, most recently, the arbitrary and spiteful persecution of Americans during the shutdown (Obama had the audacity to stage a PR stunt making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Monday even as he was a no-show at the Washington, D.C. veterans' demonstration over the weekend) - well, that would take a book.

Read Palin's full post on her Facebook page. If you're Facebook averse (a sensible way for private individuals to be), Breitbart has copy/pasted the full text here.