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Panera Bread Co. Robbed Three Days After Banning Guns (Nebraska)

Posted by: Jason
September 15 2014


-Update - So for whatever reason, this story ended up in our queue with the wrong date and it turns out this incident happened last year. This might change the narrative that the incident occured because panera banned guns, but it doesn't change the truth that people who don't care about the law will show up to places like panera with their guns. So why would you want to disarm the law abiding citizens that go there? Thanks to 'teabag the troll' for helping us keep our news feed accurate. We appreciate his patronage and enthusaism towards our site, its accuracy and the preservation of the second amendment!

It took just three days for Panera Bread Company to be robbed after the company banned guns behind a polite guise of "asking" people to leave themselves unarmed in the restaurant.

While employees of the restaurant were closing down, two armed men entered the store and held them at gunpoint. One of the suspects forced the seven employees into the bathroom and ordered them to empty their pockets while his accomplice took the cash from the register.

The pair then fled the scene.

Just like Jack in the Box, Target, and Sonic before them, Panera Bread has made it's stores a Rob Me First Zone by announcing it's staff and it's patrons are unarmed.

Just one more reason to avoid companies that don't want your business as a Second Amendment supporter.