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American police killed more people in March (111) than the entire UK police have killed since 1900

WED APR 01, 2015 AT 11:49 AM PDT
by Shaun King

A female protester raises her hands while blocking police cars in Ferguson, Missouri, November 25, 2014. More than 2,000 National Guard troops spread out across the St. Louis 
area on Tuesday to prevent another night of rioting and looting after a grand ju
Ferguson protestor raises her hands in November of 2014

Yeah. Those numbers are real.

A total of 111 people were killed by police in the United States in March of 2015. Since 1900, in the entire United Kingdom, 52 people have been killed by police.

Don't bother adjusting for population differences, or poverty, or mental illness, or anything else. The sheer fact that American police kill TWICE as many people per month as police have killed in the modern history of the United Kingdom is sick, preposterous, and alarming.

In March:

Police beat Phillip White to death in New Jersey. He was unarmed.

Police shot and killed Meagan Hockaday, a 26-year-old mother of three.

Police shot and killed Nicholas Thomas, an unarmed man on his job at Goodyear in metro Atlanta.

Police shot and killed Anthony Hill, an unarmed war veteran fighting through mental illness, in metro Atlanta.

I could tell 107 more of those stories.

This has to end.