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Eight Pro-Second Amendment Smackdowns from NRA Annual Meetings


by AWR HAWKINS  4 May 2017

During the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, speakers ranging from President Donald Trump to Sheriff David Clarke and NRA senior VP Wayne LaPierre put smackdown after smackdown on gun controllers and their surrogates in the media.

LaPierre made clear there would be no apologies for the smackdowns. Rather, he pointed out that one of the things the American people love about the NRA is the fact that the group speaks truth.

LaPierre said:

In light of the NRA's voice for truth, Breitbart News pulled together eight pro-Second Amendment smackdowns, along with a bonus smackdown at the end. Most of the smackdowns require no commentary. BONUS SMACKDOWN - LaPierre said, "Bernie Sanders was not 'a movement,' as fawning media called his campaign. Bernie is a political predator of young voters who were lied to by school teachers and college professors"-LaPierre said young voters were told "free, free, free, for me," but "no one told the truth about how all that stuff was going to be paid for." Nevertheless, LaPierre made clear that the media was in on the play because socialism would have aided in the goal of disarming and enslaving the American people.

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